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PopCalendarXP 3.20

Liming(Victor) Weng Jun 28, 2001

"Features List of PopCalendarXP: + Cross-broswer(IE5,6 & NN4,6) with highly customizable UI and functionality. + Easy to embed, NO Mess-up, NO Conflict with the other scripts in your page. + Parse, Remember and Highlight the Selected Date. + Never be blocked by any other input boxes.(tricks needed in NN4) + Agenda with Colorful Highlights and even IMAGES! + Themes support with dynamic background available! + Diversified Context Sensible Actions - popups, auto-mail and any javascript statement. + One plug-in function let you define the holidays by yourself. + Show context info both in status-bar and tooltip.(except NN4) + Date-range-confinement precises to day. + One-Click Hide. + Disable any day with line-through effect. + American & European Calendar Layout. + American & European & Chinese Date Format. + Literal & Digital Date Format. + Long & Short Year Format. + Super fast(only 10KB) due to optimized code. + Fully configurable calendar size, fonts, colors, text, agenda, layout and... too many ^_^ + Detailed comments and easier to config with separated config files. * Fully tested on IE 5.0,5.01,5.5,6.0beta and Netscape 4.08,4.75,4.77,6.0,6.01 ------------------------------------------- Note it is NOT a Freeware but an Emailware! ------------------------------------------- "

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