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Countdown Timer 2

Sandeep Gangadharan Nov 22, 2006


This countdown script prints directly to the page, displaying the time left in minutes and seconds. The time duration can be set in the script. The timer will automatically stop when the time reaches 00 minutes and 00 seconds.


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When min=00;sec=30;i.e. min=00 and sec0, there is a mistake,it continues to count down even it reach 00 min and 00 sec. It will have 0-1 min and x sec.

helen Jan 2, 2013

It seems to work fine for me using FF

Lee May 25, 2007

this DOESNT work in Firefox 2.0x....

jon Apr 14, 2007

I agree with Fahmiadini, that it is not possible to ctrl-z or undo changes in a text area when using this script, however the timer works fine for me in both firefox as well as IE.

Travis Feb 23, 2007

i cannot undo (ctrl-z) in my form element like in textbox if i insert this code.. i think this cause by set into innerHTML.. i try to set the value also cannot work.. And one more thing is, it works on firefox but not in IE.. anyone had solution for this issue?

Fahmiadini Feb 13, 2007