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Time and Date Scripts - Page 8

These scripts all relate to time and dates. Some of them display only the month, others the entire year. Some highlight the current day or tell you when you entered the page. Other scripts display the current date or time according to the user's time zone, or another time zone some other place in the world. The source code is available for all the scripts.

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  • Counts down from a number to zero!
    Helio Sep 2, 2000

    That's it, the script just countsdown from a number (60 in this case) to 0.

  • JavaScript Calendar
    Ryan Sep 2, 2000

    ouputs all days of the month highlights current day, days of month can be linked, easily customizable for your own colors, size and font colors. NS and IE

  • mm/dd/yy date validator
    Ryan Sep 2, 2000

    validates dates entered into a text box in the form of mm/dd/yy and determines whether or not the day entered is a valid date and if it occurs on a friday, this can be changed however for any day of the week or just removed.

  • Time on the page
    Anonymous Aug 8, 2000

    This script is showing how much time the user had been on the page

  • Time--The Little Clock
    Joseph Aug 1, 2000

    A simple beautiful perfect clock available to anyone! Copy two lines of code and you're set. Very small size--script and images combined at 2.6K. It's so easy and works so well.

  • Duli Mar's Timer) 2000
    Duli Jul 30, 2000

    From Duli Mar's Tools) 2000 for you! Timer between <BODY></BODY> Tag.

  • Date Autoformat / Verify
    Jeff Jul 28, 2000

    Format Date while typing

  • Full Time and Date
    Martin Jul 27, 2000

    Full time and date complete with counting seconds, am/pm and date enders (st, nd, rd, th).

  • RapidEye's Due Date Calculator
    RapidEye Jul 8, 2000

    Put in the due date for your upcoming birth, and it will calculate out how many months, weeks, and days until the due date. It has an option to also add hours, minutes, and seconds for those that want to be totally accurate!

  • Date Validation
    Anonymous Jul 2, 2000

    It will check for Invalid Date. If the date is valid it will return true else it will return false

  • Smallest wallclock online. Stylish Design.
    Peter Jul 1, 2000

    Smallest wallclock online. Only 32x32 pixels! Fits into any corner of your navigation bar. Made for IE5x.

  • Calendar
    Paul Jun 26, 2000

    This calendar gets the month from your computer, and displays the current,previous, and next months calendar.

  • Clock 1.0
    Paul Jun 26, 2000

    A cool looking clock that easy to customize. Nominate.

  • DHTML clock
    Jonathan Jun 20, 2000

    change background color or image, change font size, style, and color

  • Javascript clock using images
    Jonathan Jun 20, 2000

    Doesn't look right on here because they change the location of the images but download it and it works fine. It uses an array to change the images instead of getting the time off the client every second result much less overhead

  • Yet Another Date Picker
    Jorge Jun 20, 2000

    This script provides an easy way to select a date directly from a calendar and put the selected date into a form's field. Y2K compliant. Works fine with Netscape and Internet Explorer

  • Floating Timer (Clock).
    Vitaliy Jun 7, 2000

    It's a very customizable timer (or a clock whatever you choose), which displays how long the visitor was on your page, or displays local current time. It always sits in one of the corners of your browser (you choose which one) when you scroll the page alike those commercial messages on geocities, xoom, or yahoo ... It is compatible with Netscape 4 and higher and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and higher. For the best results use MSIE4.0+ - It just looks better :)

  • RapidEye's Birthday/Age Calculator V1.3
    RapidEye Jun 7, 2000

    RapidEye's Birthday/Age Calculator This is different from all of the other day calculators that I've seen because most of them count down (ie, number of days until Y2K). I did this one for my daughters birthday so that visitors to our page will know how old she is, right down to the second =)---Rev 1.3 has been updated to correct old date issues.

  • Last Modified date
    Anonymous Jun 4, 2000

    Variation of script posted by Kurt Anderson, which allows for setting font type and size, as well as text preceding the last modified date.

  • Cut & Paste Personalized Events Calendar !
    Anonymous May 27, 2000

    Place this small calander anywhere you want. Clearly displays Day, Month, and Year. Easy to customize. Tons of options like automaticly adding holidays, personalized events of interest, weather and even email reminders. Every feature you can ask for in a calender, and more! (users each have their own settings & calendars)

  • The TRUE-Millennium Clock for 2001.
    Tom May 23, 2000

    Despite what many believe, the first day of the new millenium begins on January 1st, 2001, *not* 2000... which is why I wrote this clock. This script may be freely distributed so long as it remains unchanged. (Nav and IE compatible.)

  • JavaClock v2.3
    Stefan May 15, 2000

    A nice clock that is very easy and customizable. Extra graphical features for CCS in IE.

  • Floating Clock
    Anonymous Apr 14, 2000

    An analog clock that tracks your mouse

  • Nice looking date picker
    Churbanov Apr 8, 2000

    Opens pop-up window to pick a date and day of the week. Easily extensible.

  • Countdown to Date
    Mike Apr 7, 2000

    Counts Down to the Date you want it to.