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Time and Date Scripts - Page 6

These scripts all relate to time and dates. Some of them display only the month, others the entire year. Some highlight the current day or tell you when you entered the page. Other scripts display the current date or time according to the user's time zone, or another time zone some other place in the world. The source code is available for all the scripts.

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  • Automatic Date Formatting/Validation
    Richard Gorremans May 29, 2001

    Automatically formats a date into one of three different formats as you enter the values and validates on leaving.

  • Calendar of Events
    David Huff May 27, 2001

    "Calendar of Events is based on David Mrozinski's ""Pop Up Calendar""."

  • Date and Time
    Scott May 22, 2001

    Time and date

  • FlatCalendar XP
    Liming(Victor) Weng May 17, 2001

    Sigh! I can say nothing about such a perfect Calendar. Take a look by yourself. Note it is NOT a Freeware but an Emailware!

  • Running Han clock
    Ryuuji Tendou May 13, 2001

    Running clock shows time in Hanzi. (IE only)

  • Reminder/Cookie Calendar
    Steven Chalker Apr 27, 2001

    This script will set reminders & even refresh in 10 minutes!

  • Day Counter
    Michael Mann Apr 24, 2001

    If you've ever wondered how many wednesdays there are in the current month, this script will tell you that. It can be modified to work with any day of the week, if not all of them together!

  • Time
    Igor Bushin Apr 23, 2001

    Displays time and date

  • Day, Date & Time
    Terri Lanzing Apr 21, 2001

    This shows the day, date and time in a nice, friendly format (sans seconds, etc.)

  • FlatCalendar ME 1.1
    Liming(Victor) Weng Apr 16, 2001

    Ever cool date-picker in the javascript world! Easy to use and fully configurable. Can be easily modified to a planner. Note it is a Emailware not Freeware!!

  • PopCalendar ME 1.1
    Liming(Victor) Weng Apr 16, 2001

    Ever cool date-picker in the javascript world! No windows pop out, inside instead. Note it is a Emailware not Freeware!!

  • Time-depending redirection
    Matt Apr 14, 2001

    When time is before 5 PM you will be taken to page 1, if after 5pm to page 2. Easy time-editing

  • When is Christmas
    Chris Whyte Apr 13, 2001

    Count down dynamic clock to Christmas for both IE and Netscape.

  • Real time Javascript clock
    Gary Perry Apr 7, 2001

    This is a real time JavaScript clock that displays the time in 12 hour format directly on the page. No sorry text boxes, or anything. And when it is midnight, it displays 12 instead of a 0.

  • Ancient Roman Date Converter
    Chris Harvey Apr 5, 2001

    Converts dates into the Ancient Roman date format.

  • Pop Up Calendar
    David Mrozinski Mar 31, 2001

    Pop up calendar that can populate a input text box in the opening document.

  • Basic Clock
    Mar 28, 2001

    This clock continuously updates without the use of a text box. Easily position anywhere on your site. Cool!

  • Daily Greeting
    Peter Ghiringhelli Mar 16, 2001

    Display the date on a small calander together with an appropriate salutation based on the time of the day. Nice!

  • Digital Clock
    Ramandeep Singh Mar 2, 2001

    Displays the time like a real digital clock. Changes rapidly and includes hours, minutes, seconds and AM/PM indication. Neat!

  • Cookie Calendar
    Greg Quilop Feb 16, 2001

    This calendar, written entirely in JavaScript, uses cookies to allow users to save information on specific dates. Includes daily and monthly summaries and a complete help file. Cookie Calendar works as its own program as well. Great!

  • status bar clock
    shawne Radam Feb 5, 2001

    This script places a clock on the status bar.

  • User Timer
    Jeff Dec 7, 2000

    Times how long the user was on the page. Supports milliseconds, seconds, and minites.

  • Alarm Clock
    John Caranta Dec 7, 2000

    Set an alarm that will play any sound from your computer. You can even select a snooze time after it sounds. Awesome!

  • Calendar 1.0
    Paul Dec 6, 2000

    A calendar script that fetches the date from the users computer and displays the calendar for the last month the current month and the next month.

  • British Date Format (Version 3)
    David Dec 3, 2000

    This updated Script will disply the date in the format e.g. Saturday September 11th 2002 All bugs from versions 1 & 2 have been fixed.