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Time and Date Scripts - Page 5

These scripts all relate to time and dates. Some of them display only the month, others the entire year. Some highlight the current day or tell you when you entered the page. Other scripts display the current date or time according to the user's time zone, or another time zone some other place in the world. The source code is available for all the scripts.

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  • Realtime JavaScript Clock First Update
    Gary Perry Jan 13, 2002

    This is a real time JavaScript clock that displays the time in 12 hour format directly on the page, along with the day, month, day of month, and year.

  • Calendar
    Chris Corbett Jan 2, 2002

    "Calender is created using javascript and cookies to simulate a fully functional calendar database. "

  • Contest Count-Down (Rev 01.01.2002)
    John Farquharson Jan 1, 2002

    Running a contest on your site and you need a script that allows you to enter a start and end date and will count-down on your pages?

  • Hybrid clock
    Ryuuji Tendou Dec 14, 2001

    JavaScript image clock with animated seconds. Made for people with slow modems.

  • Floating Timer/Clock (UPDATE)
    Vitaliy Rabotnik Nov 21, 2001

    Once the most popular timer script had been updated. The new version allows the inclusion of a link into the timer/clock.

  • Date Constructor
    Anon E. Mous Oct 27, 2001

    Ceate a date in one field from 3 drop down menus (day/month/year)

  • Holiday Test with Easter
    James Livingood Oct 16, 2001

    This script tests to see if it is a certain holiday. If it isn't then it tests the current hour and greets the surfer.

  • Date-Clock Combination
    Lazaros Lazarou Oct 9, 2001

    This is a simple input box that displays the date once the page is loaded. when the mouse goes over the box, the contents become the time!

  • 24 hour count down
    Craig Humphreys Oct 6, 2001

    Counts down to a user specified time within a day

  • Digital Countdown
    DendE PhisH Oct 2, 2001

    Countdown from any date in digital numbers. Displays days, hours, minutes, and seconds while updating every second. A must see!

  • World Timer
    Trustle Ree Sep 22, 2001

    Current Times of Every Zone in the Timezone Map.

  • Status Bar Clock
    Chad Seymour Sep 20, 2001

    Status bar clock

  • Dynamic Date Selection
    Harry Anderson Sep 18, 2001

    "This script allows the developer to rapidly request date information from the user, allowing the user to only provide VALID date data. It handles leap year, and dynamically adjusts for the number of days in the month."

  • Countdown and Stop at 0 in Page
    Kyle Copeland Sep 5, 2001

    Will provide a countdown timer that stops at 0 in the browser window as a form.

  • Countdown to 0 in Navbar
    Kyle Copeland Sep 5, 2001

    Provides a countdown timer (in days) to a specified date in the NavBar.

  • Timer Script Version 1.0
    Robert Alegrid Aug 31, 2001

    This timer is accurate to one tenth of a second. It has many possibilities. Commented Very well.

  • Last Day of Month
    Kevin Davidson Aug 27, 2001

    Use this code snippet to determine the last day of the month without having to populate arrays or calculate leap years.

  • First Day of the Week
    Kevin Swarts Aug 20, 2001

    This script will return a list of dates that are at the beginning of every week within a given month. IE 5+, NS 6

  • English Date
    David Welsh Aug 2, 2001

    This script show the date in the traditional English format.

  • Dynamic Date Drop Downs
    Michael Hundt Jul 30, 2001

    Sets date selection dropdowns to the current system date.

  • javascript clock
    Trevor Burley Jul 14, 2001

    This is a javascript clock with two modes, military mode or normal mode.

  • Deluxe running Han clock
    Ryuuji Tendou Jul 11, 2001

    Time shown in Chinese characters in your choice of 4 styles.

  • PopCalendarXP 3.20
    Liming(Victor) Weng Jun 28, 2001

    The most powerful & feature-rich date-picker written as a javascript component.

  • Basic Calendar
    Bryan Gamble Jun 27, 2001

    Nice calendar for Web page display. Highlights the date and the day of the week. Well-documented code to help you customize any font, color, or size you want. Internet Explorer.

  • Date validations when date field is not complusory
    parin bhatt May 31, 2001

    "This javascript is written to validate date fields The function of this javascript is to vaidate all the date files ie day,month,year."