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Time and Date Scripts - Page 3

These scripts all relate to time and dates. Some of them display only the month, others the entire year. Some highlight the current day or tell you when you entered the page. Other scripts display the current date or time according to the user's time zone, or another time zone some other place in the world. The source code is available for all the scripts.

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  • Event Countdown
    James Crooke Nov 21, 2005

    An easy-to-use countdown script which can also count towards a specific amount of days (e.g., day 12 of 30). (Additional uses listed in script.)

  • Add Time
    Sandeep Gangadharan Sep 21, 2005

    Use this script to add time - in the form of seconds, minutes, or hours - to the current time.

  • Clock, Day, Date
    Faizan Riyaz Jul 25, 2005

    This script looks at your clock on your computer and has a clock that follows your mouse.

  • Floating Timer/Clock
    Vitaliy Rabotnik Jul 22, 2005

    It's a very customizable timer (or a clock whatever you choose) that displays how long the visitor was on your page, or displays the local current time. It always sits in one of the corners of your browser (you choose which one) when you scroll the page.

  • Mayan Long Term Calendar
    Claude Clement Jul 14, 2005

    This calendar displays the time of physical existence we have remaining, according to the Mayan long time calendar. It can easily be changed into a countdown to some other date.

  • ServerDate to JavaScript
    Emery Wooten Jul 12, 2005

    Transfer your server date/time to JavaScript without using Server Side Includes or renaming the page with a .php extension. This script lets you control the initial date/time used by your scripts and makes them independent of the user's local time. Uses JavaScript and PHP.

  • Calendar
    Alexander Babichev Mar 9, 2005

    This is a plain and simple monthly calendar. It's formatted with styles sheets so the appearance can easily be changed.

  • Date Display
    Demetrius Francis Jan 28, 2005


  • Days Remaining in Year
    Paul McFedries Jan 24, 2005

    Use this script to calculate the number of days between now and the end of the year.

  • World Time
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This JavaScript routine displays your current system time, local city date and time, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and the local date and time for another city of your choice. "

  • Basic Date Display
    Andy Angrick Jan 5, 2005

    Use this code snippet to display today's date on your Web page. (01/05/2005)

  • RefCal - Calendar Script
    Ira Sterbakov Dec 10, 2004

    "This is an example of three JavaScript applications using calendar information tied together including, banner, calendar display and the difference between dates."

  • n-DaysAfter
    Tatsuya dotbitshop Nov 18, 2004

    """n-DaysAfter"" checks and searches the calendar you setup. Simply pick a number of days to scan ahead and the script will give you the information and the amount of days until that date. "

  • ShowDate Function
    Demetrius Francis Nov 18, 2004

    This script is a great example that shows the date in different formats from one function. Seeing the examples makes this script easy to modify and can be used to help understand the underlying code.

  • RefCal
    Ira Sterbakov Oct 13, 2004

    This is an example of three JavaScript applications using calendar information tied together including, banner, calendar display and the difference between dates. The code is very liftable and concise. The calendar display is clear and attractive.

  • DHTML StopWatch
    John Livingston Sep 9, 2004

    Use this DHTML/JavaSctript stopwatch to track your times. It includes reset/start/stop buttons and each one has a rollover effect.

  • Halo2 Countdown
    Unknown Sep 8, 2004

    "Check out this JavaScript countdown script. It counts down until a targeted date. As we get closer to the target date, the Halo2 text gradually increases size until it reaches 158px which is the maximum size. "

  • Server time ticking clock v2.0
    Tom Leung Aug 26, 2004

    "This script allows you not only to display a ticking clock in a web page, you can also set the initial time by perl script, php etc, so that server time can be shown to client. Furthermore, if the server time is synchronized with NTP servers, the time shown in the web page will be absolutely precise. "

  • Rainbow Clock
    Alexander Babichev Aug 12, 2004

    A rainbow digital clock will certainly brighten up your site. This script is very easy to use and implement.

  • ECal - Event Calendar
    Ira Sterbakov Aug 11, 2004

    This is a nice display of an event calendar with a banner date stamp which lists today's events.

  • Server Time Clock
    Tom Leung Jul 26, 2004

    "This script allows you to display a ticking clock in a web page and you can also set the initial time by Perl script, PHP etc, so that server time can be shown to client. "

  • Stimit - Time Banner
    Ira Sterbakov Feb 11, 2004

    This is a function to place a dynamic date banner any place on your web page.

  • Date Selector
    Warren Brown Jan 7, 2004

    Yet another handy little script that adds drop down boxes to your site so that you can select dates. It's customizable and works for leap years as well.

  • DCScript Digital Clock
    Dante Evans Dec 28, 2003

    This digital clock is unlike other JavaScript digital clocks you've seen before. It's laid out like a real digital clock, and shows month, date, day and year.

  • DS Analogclock
    Dario Sciacca Dec 22, 2003

    This script displays an analog clock on your site. It includes an HTML code generator that allows to change the parameters without having any knowledge of JavaScript or HTML programming.