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Time and Date Scripts - Page 13

These scripts all relate to time and dates. Some of them display only the month, others the entire year. Some highlight the current day or tell you when you entered the page. Other scripts display the current date or time according to the user's time zone, or another time zone some other place in the world. The source code is available for all the scripts.

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  • Different Msg According to Day
    Dave Mar 30, 1999

    Changes msg according to whether it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc.

  • Event Calendar
    Jim Mar 22, 1999

    Written to display monthly calendar that highlights current day & any days in month on which event occurs. Although example shows 12 events, script can handle 1 event (min) & max number determined by system resources.

  • Y2K Clock
    Darrin Mar 15, 1999

    Creates clock that counts down to year 2000.

  • JS Calendar with skin option
    James Mar 11, 1999

    It's a calendar, it can change color, skin... and more, see it yourself. (IE only). After it's open, press 'h' for help.

  • Y2K Compliant?
    Captain Mar 4, 1999

    Check your computer for compliance!

  • Hungarian Namedays
    Jozsef Mar 2, 1999

    Paste actual name to your homepage.

  • Date Display & Dynamic Greeting
    Anonymous Feb 26, 1999

    Displays current date (day, date, year) & greets visitors appropriately.

  • Time Countdown
    Anonymous Feb 26, 1999

    Countdown in days & hours until Year 2000.

  • Floating Image Clock
    Elton Feb 25, 1999

    A cool floating image clock.

  • Automatic Last Updated Script
    Rune Feb 22, 1999

    This script puts in a date on your Web page that tells when it was last updated.

  • Greeting Based on Hour
    Nate Feb 19, 1999

    Displays a different message for every hour of the day!

  • Holiday Calendar
    TJ Feb 15, 1999

    Displays up to 3 holidays on any given day. Includes holidays that always fall on same day (New Year's Day = Jan. 1), same time of month (e.g., 3d Monday in Jan.), those not based on Western calendar or that follow no pattern.

  • 3-Time Zone Customizable Clock
    TJ Feb 13, 1999

    3 Real-time image clocks that can be set for any of 80 world cities. Cookies remember your preferences (IE only).

  • Back to New Page
    Kadir Feb 13, 1999

    Click BACK button when page is open that page is not same after 5 min.

  • Swatch Internet Time for Germany
    Benjamin Feb 12, 1999

    "This is a tool for Displaying the actual Time in ""Normal Time"" - Swatch's ""Internet Time"" and the Date at your website !"

  • Realtime DHTML Background Clock
    Peter Feb 9, 1999

    Eyecatching background clock with impressive shadow effect. Counts seconds in realtime!!! Great impact. Easy to configure and install. The DHTML script needs only one small function. No images needed. Loads in less than 4 seconds.

  • Document .lastModified Formatting Script
    Philip Feb 8, 1999

    This script formats the date and time output from the JavaScript document.lastModified property. It can be run as a linked API requiring only the Printing Block in each page.

  • Datepicker
    Cloud Feb 2, 1999

    Can't help you w/ your social life, but this can show you a calendar for selecting a date entry.

  • Simple Alarm Clock
    joerg Jan 29, 1999

    Pop-up window occurs if alarm time is reached.

  • Office Status
    Jason Jan 26, 1999

    "Displays time & date of chosen time zone (ex EST) then, based on settings, displays ""Office Open"" or ""Office Closed."""

  • Simple Clock
    joerg Jan 21, 1999

    A simple clock in which day is separated, not into 24 hours, but into 1 to 1000.

  • Countdown 2000
    Anonymous Jan 3, 1999

    "DHTML clock that counts backward to y2k, then displays ""Happy New Century! Only One More Year Till The New Millennium!"" (IE4+ only)"

  • Clock Date Time
    Joona Dec 31, 1998

    Just what it says.

  • 5 Real-Time Clocks
    Malcolm Dec 29, 1998

    This script has 5 different ways of displaying the time, the status bar, the title bar, a button, a text box, and there is also a button to click to pop up the time in an alert. All the clocks update every second.

  • Clock
    Anonymous Dec 26, 1998

    This Script displays a clock looking like: 5:55 AM or 5:55 PM