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Text Effects - Page 3

Some of these scripts scroll information on the screen - either on the status bar (that bar on the bottom on your browser) or in a text box. Some of these scripts print out messages. Some will display news, special highlights, and others will even tell you a random quote. They range in difficulty from less than 10 lines to more than 500 lines.

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  • Double status bar message
    Bryan Pieterse Feb 25, 2002

    It displays a still message in the staus bar along with a scrolling message along side it!

  • Pop-Up Window
    Feb 15, 2002

    This script displays a pop-up window with text every time people visit your page. This is a very simple script. Anyone can do it. All you have to do is replace the words TYPE TEXT HERE with your desired text!

  • Advanced Scroller
    Feb 5, 2002

    Instead of 'typing', 'pushing' or 'blinking' words, this scroller replaces a random character in the text with the correct new one to eventually create a new phrase.

  • JavaScript Ticker 1.2
    Premshree Pillai Jan 22, 2002

    This script provides a nice, clean ticker for all your messages, news headlines, etc. IE only.

  • Audio Greeting
    Happy Smart Dec 26, 2001

    Script plays audio greeting when user loads the page. You can record your own audio greeting and customize the greeting time and message. IE only.

  • Lumpy Scroller
    Matthew Krieg Dec 3, 2001

    This script makes it look like there is a lump moving under a line of text in the status bar -- sort of how it would look if a mouse were running under a rug.

  • Alert and Confirm Generator
    John Hobbs Oct 15, 2001

    Use this script to create quick and easy alert and confirmation scripts. Pick what you want, enter your text and get the source code. Pretty neat!

  • In-Marquee Links
    Oct 8, 2001

    An ordinary marquee that uses JavaScript to include links. The speed and delay are customizable to suit the viewers' needs. IE only.

  • Multiple Message Scroller
    Vasile Birsan Sep 21, 2001

    This scroller supports both text and images. Size and speed are adjustable. It works with multiple messages and allows for hyperlinks to distinct URLs. Cool!

  • 1 Cool TextBox Scroller
    Aug 31, 2001

    Create a cool textbox scroller (easily adapted to any other form elements) in seconds!

  • Animated Tooltip
    Al Navidi Jul 31, 2001

    Hold your mouse over a particular graphic and display an animated tooltip in the form of a scroll. It's really cool!

  • Fading Text
    Mar 15, 2001

    This easy to configure text fader will Jazz up your website without the need for bulky Flash plugins or Applets. Texts may contain almost any HTML tags including links. Cool!

  • Auto Popup Window
    Rick Johnson Jan 30, 2001

    Automatically opens a small popup window and closes it after a specified time. Great for displaying important messages without forcing users to close multiple windows!

  • Banner Ads
    Sep 9, 2000

    Need to rotate banner ads on your site? How about doing it in JavaScript! This simple little JavaScript will print out a random banner ad each time your page is viewed. Awesome!

  • Box Message
    Keith Swerling Sep 9, 2000

    Text Effects a message in a textbox. When the user clicks in the box, however, the scrolling text is stopped and the box can be used normally.

  • Check Sorter
    Tom Folkes Sep 9, 2000

    JavaScript can sort data based on any field of information. In this example, a checkbook register can be sorted by date, check number, check amount, or paid to person. We're one step closer to online banking... ;-)

  • Classic
    Sep 9, 2000

    This is the classic scroll that you see EVERYWHERE! This script is also highly configurable (as are most). One more thing. Be aware that this effect does eventually get very annoying.

  • Confirm Entry
    Sep 9, 2000

    This JavaScript will ask you if you would like to continue. If you say "OK", it loads the page. If you click "CANCEL" (kinda like no) then it takes you back where you came from. Very neat! Really short!

  • Cryptic Scroller
    Nebojsa Pajkic Sep 9, 2000

    Most of us never fulfilled our dream of working for the FBI or the CIA. But, that doesn't mean we can't play like we did! This script displays a cryptic series of numbers in the status bar at the bottom of the browser and decrypts it one letter a time. Sweet!

  • Daily Tip
    Sep 9, 2000

    Displays a Tip of the Day on your page. Some examples include tips on your site, quotes, computer tips, etc. Just update the tips on a monthly basis.

  • Dancing Links
    Sep 9, 2000

    (Internet Explorer Only!) This little script will continuously change the highlighted link colors (visited and unvisited links) in Internet Explorer. Very neat! Netscape - why doesn't your browser support this? :-)

  • Date & Time
    Sep 9, 2000

    Yes, this is another JavaScript scroll. But, unlike the others, this one has the date & time included at the front of the first message! It looks very professional!

  • Default Status Message
    Sep 9, 2000

    Here's a neat way to put a message in the status bar on your page. It will stay there as the default message! Neat!

  • Define It
    Sep 9, 2000

    Look how easy it is to offer your visitors a definition to unfamiliar terms on your site. It takes just one line of code!

  • Description Layer
    Randy Bennett Sep 9, 2000

    (4.0+ browsers) Offer your visitors a quick description or more information about a link before they visit it. When they put their cursor over a link a layer will appear describing the link. Your visitors will appreciate the extra effort, and it looks great too!