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Text Effects

Some of these scripts scroll information on the screen - either on the status bar (that bar on the bottom on your browser) or in a text box. Some of these scripts print out messages. Some will display news, special highlights, and others will even tell you a random quote. They range in difficulty from less than 10 lines to more than 500 lines.

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  • Modal Boxes by Andrew Rodebaugh
    Andrew Rodebaugh Aug 29, 2015

    Modal Dialogs the easy custom way!

  • jquery font resizer by Simpler IT Solutions
    Simpler IT Solutions Apr 3, 2012

    Want to change the font size of all elements on your site with a single mouse click ? Want it to be fully customizable ? ok, look no further....

  • Text Effects : News Display with Graphic
    Sep 22, 2008

    Use this script to display a series of rotating news stories, including graphics and a link to the story. Easy to implement.

  • Text Effects : So-Ticker
    Steve Chipman Jun 25, 2008

    This script creates a ticker by parsing existing semantic markup. Easy to set-up.

  • Text Effects : Type Text
    Ilya Gerasimenko Jan 28, 2008

    Use this script to spell out a string of text, letter by letter. You can add to existing text, or replace it completely. You can even use it to repeat text, if you like. Easy to implement.

  • LED Marquee
    Curt Turner Aug 13, 2007

    A variable width/speed marquee with realistic multi-color LED digits. No fonts required, and it uses only a single 36Kb image.

  • Alternating Message Text Box
    Sandeep Gangadharan May 25, 2007

    With the help of this script you can put up a text box on your Web page that displays alternating messages for your visitors. It saves space, as a lot of text can be contained in a minimal display area.

  • Shadow Gradient Script
    Michael Burt Jan 19, 2007

    Add a shaded border effect to any valid HTML tag. You can edit the depth, the opacity, and the color of the shadow.

  • Fly-Out Textbox
    Jacqueline Porjes Oct 16, 2006

    Use this script to display several sections of text in a small area. Degrades nicely.

  • Text Excerpts
    Timothy Groves Jun 28, 2006

    Excerpts (or teaser boxes) from longer texts can help the user when scanning and serve to highlight key points or quotes. This script automatically generated excerpts using JavaScript, CSS, and the DOM. It degrades gracefully.

  • Minimum Font Size
    Jun 19, 2006

    Many users have their default font size set very low in their browsers. If you are using relative font sizes on your Web site, this script will resize those user's fonts to something more appropriate.

  • Zoom Text
    Vic Phillips Jun 2, 2006

    Increase the font size of any section of text. Very easy to set-up and use. Eliminates extra style sheets.

  • Vertical Marquee
    Mike Hudson May 22, 2006

    Text scrolls from bottom to top, pauses, then scrolls up and out of view. A link can be added, opening in a new window. Configuration is simple.

  • Fading Marquee
    Mike Hudson Apr 12, 2006

    Display news and announcements on your site. The text fades in and out, and can display active links for each item.

  • Content Switch Ticker
    James Crooke Dec 14, 2005

    This ticker works by displaying Web standards compliant HTML blocks of code. Formatting is accomplished with simple HTML and CSS. Very clean and sleek.

  • NewsScroller
    Robert Suppenbach Oct 17, 2005

    A pausing news scroller. Easy to implement, highly configurable, and hyperlink capable.

  • Banner Ad Rotator
    Ben Kanaev Oct 14, 2005

    Display two or more rotating banners (480 x 60) in an infinite loop. Banners also link to advertised URLs.

  • Greeting Note
    Robin Jones Oct 3, 2005

    Welcome visitors to your site. This script displays Good Morning, Good Afternoon, or Good Evening, depending on the time of day. Uses page title as part of greeting.

  • Image Tool Tips
    Saul Salvatierra Sep 30, 2005

    This script creates 'tool tips' for images. Use as much text as you want. Formatting is controlled through the use of style sheets. The text will re-size, according to the screen width and placement of cursor.

  • myRainbowSpan
    Aug 17, 2005

    This script creates a rainbow of color in your text. Very appealing when used sparingly. Heavily commented.

  • Simple Encoder-Decoder
    Kaushal Prasad Jul 29, 2005

    This is a simple message encoding script. You can encode your message and send it to a friend. He can then decode it using this script. You can also use the script to encrypt your text files. Numbers and special characters are not allowed.

  • Loading Time Indicator
    Abraham Joffe Jul 22, 2005

    Use this script to show how long it takes a page to load. A timer starts when the page begins to parse and ends when it has completed loading all of the content.

  • Phone-In
    May 4, 2005

    Highlight the text on your Web page one character at a time. Subtle but effective.

  • Cycling Banner
    Nov 12, 2004

    This script produces a cycling banner that utilizes images. Users can adjust speed or change the images.

  • Neon Lights
    Oct 5, 2004

    Neon lights are an effective way in which to draw attention to signs and banners on the street, and now, to your webpage text as well!