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Remove HTML Tags

Robert Nyman Feb 5, 2007


This function will remove all HTML tags from a string.

Input code: (Note: Processing is done on the "input-code" id)
<p>Here you will find posts about news, trends and
developing for Internet, mainly focusing on browsers
and Web user interfaces.</p>
<p><a href="/about">Read more</a></p>
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Thanks man!! you saved my time and made things run fast!!

kalpesh Aug 7, 2008

I'm not sure what you mean.

Lee Jun 26, 2008

There is a difference in IE and Firefox. In IE the tags are stripped and in FF the whole text box is stripped.[br /][br /]Is there anyway to change this? I really appreciate the script by the way. Thanks.

Ian Feb 1, 2008

You might want to re-check your script. It works fine for me in FF

Lee Nov 6, 2007

hi[br /]your function is not working in firefox.[br /][br /]pls reformat your script.[br /][br /]dipan

dipan Sep 22, 2007