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History Keeper

Kevin Newman Jun 8, 2007


A JavaScript-based library for managing browser history (back button) and providing support for deep linking for Flash and Ajax applications.


Features include:

  • Hash based deep linking (Anchor style - index.html#foo=bar)
  • Event driven - Subscriber pattern
  • Support for all current browsers


  • All history entries (back button states) modify the location string.
  • Doesn't remember last entry if you leave the app and come back in some browsers.
  • Editing the URL manually will stop further updates to the URL in some browsers.
  • Konqueror support is still a bit flaky.

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My Fault, Kevin. Thanks for the heads up. BTW, I'll update the script also.

Lee Aug 7, 2007

Hey guys,[br /][br /]It's cool that you posted this here, but you have referenced an incorrect license. Please recheck what was in the original source code:[br /][br /]http://unfocus-history-keeper.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/javascript/History.js[br /]http://creativecommons.org/licenses/LGPL/2.1/[br /][br /]That's the LGPL 2.1 and the new version will be LGPL 3 unless someone really needs a different license (no one has requested one yet).[br /][br /]http://www.gnu.org/licenses/lgpl.html[br /][br /]Please correct that license ref.[br /][br /]BTW, there's a new version at the above URL.[br /][br /]Thanks,[br /][br /]Kevin N.

Kevin Newman Jul 16, 2007

Abdul,[br /][br /]It should be working now.

Lee Jun 12, 2007

The sending email command is not working it is giving .[br /]ERROR: Script history-keeper.html is missing at /www2/jss/cgi-bin/scriptbot2.cgi line 53.

Abdul hamid Jun 9, 2007