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Explorer Object Starter

Jeroen Haan Jan 22, 2007


A very simple script which activates objects in Explorer 7 so people don't have to click on Flash to activate.


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@Jeroen Haan[br /][br /]I used your new version and it did work. I added the code directly (not externally) in the head section of my page then added the onload event in the body tag along with the other onload functions I have in my page...[br /][br /]thanks... nice script.

Angell de Ville Nov 9, 2007

Dear Paul,[br /][br /]Place the script starter at the bottom of the page just before </body> like this:[br /][br /]<script type="text/JavaScript">fixFlash();</script>[br /][br /]Even better to only target IE like this:[br /][br /]<!--&#91;if IE 7&#93;>[br /]&#9;<script type="text/JavaScript">fixFlash();</script>[br /]<!&#91;endif&#93;-->

Jeroen Haan Jun 20, 2007

very great script

Yulio May 12, 2007

Dear Luke and Nidhi,[p]Can you please supply us with code or life example?

Jeroen Haan Mar 21, 2007

New version can be found here:[br /]http://www.haan.net/js/fixFlash.js[p]It handles the embed tag as well.[p]Be careful with it's function starter, the onload call...[p]Better is the start the script like this:[br /]<body onload="fixFlash">[p]This way it won't mesh up with possible other onload calls.[p]PS[br /]You can also exclude FireFox by using the window.attachEvent = function()[br /]{[br /]&#9;fixFlash();[br /]}

Jeroen Haan Mar 17, 2007