JsSimpleDateFormat Demo

Please type the date time format here:
a or if you are not sure please select the format here:
Please select a locale:

If you want to format a date time, please choose the time you want (hour=0..23; minute,second=0..59; millisecond=0..999)
Date:   : : .
  Day Month Year   Hour   Minute   Second   Millisecond
and then click this to show formatted time below:

If you want to parse a date time string, please type the time to parse:
and at which index to start:
and then click this to show parsed time below:
Time =
Last index =
Error index =

Some additional parameters you may specify for parsing:
The year of the begin of century: (By default, it's 80 years ago)
Flexible white spaces?

This demo has been tested on:
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