DHTML JavaScript Tabbar samples

Non-obstructive TabBar

Initialize Tabbar automaticaly without any javascript (see sample code below). You can specify content directly within <div> tag whcih represents tab.

<script src="../js/dhtmlXTabbar.js"></script> <script src="../js/dhtmlXTabBar_start.js"></script> <div mode="top" tabheight="20" align="left" offset="20" margin="-10" tabstyle="winScarf" id="a_tabbar" class="dhtmlxTabBar" imgpath="../imgs/" style="width:390; height:390;"> <div id="a1" name="Tab 1" style="display:none"> <img src="imgs/page_a.gif"> </div> <div id="a2" name="Tab 2" style="display:none"> <img src="imgs/page_b.gif"> </div> <div id="a3" name="Tab 1" style="display:none"> Content 3 </div> </div>

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