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You can use this script to change the layout, style, font size, and so forth of every page on your Web site simply by putting this JavaScript on all the Web pages of your site. You make one page for the user to choose his style, a page just like this one.


This script is originally made in 2000 by Pascal Vyncke for the Belgian website for seniors to improve the accessibility for everyone on the Internet. This script is used on many, many Web pages to improve the accessibility for older people, people with eye problems, and for color blind people. Tens of thousands of people every day enjoy this accessibility improving script.

But, this script can also be used to change the style of your site: change the background, colours, and so on just like the visitor wants! Make, for example, five styles for your Web site, and then let the user choose his own style just how HE/SHE wants it! You can redistribute this script for free if you let these credits intact.