Tested under IE6 and Mozilla Firefox 1.0.3.

These four div elements were faded in/out individually by four simple JavaScript functions.

Syntax: fade(element id,time increment, "in" or "out");
The default value for the fade time is about 30 89 milisecond intervals; for the "in" or "out" values the default is "out", so the only real value that you have to set is the element's id that you want to fade. The others are optional.
NOTE: Be sure to set the css width property of the element you want to fade to a value before using the fade() function so it will work.

element 1 fades in at 100 89 milisecond increments
element 2 fades out at 50 89 milisecond increments
element 3 fades out at 20 89 milisecond increments
element 4 fades in at 20 89 milisecond increments