Quadratic Formula Solver

-By: Elvin B. Gibson, Jr.

  x^2   +     x  +     =   0

b (-)=x2

     X1=      X2=

And there's your solution!

-Quadratic Formula is a formula used to determine at what two points does quadratic function intercept the X axis, ____.______|____.___ for example this shows a model equation intercepting the X axis of a graph in two places, you can use the quadratic function to solve for things like this. The formula consists of three variables A,B,C. If this form is reseted you can see the three, in the blank spaces where you put your values. (Feel free to modify, and remove this text & title. Just keep my name in the script, and this paragraph if you so happen to keep it. ;-)

   -Elvin B. Gibson, Jr.