Xin Calendar Mods

Copyright 2003 Xin Yang

Mod:Date Tips
Description:to popup a tip box when hover a date

Core: - Xin Calendar (In-Page Core)
 (this is a lite version, you can scroll the month and year with the full verison)

Demo: <script language="javascript" src="cal_core.js"<>/script>
<script language="javascript" src="mod_tips.js"<>/script>

<script language="javascript">
addCalendar("Date", "date", "", "2003/03/20", "cal-1", "cal-2", 0, 0);

addDateTips("Date", "2003/03/01", "- sometimes it dances<br>- and sometimes it flies<br>- but I don't know<br>- when it dances<br>- and when it flies");
addDateTips("Date", "2003/03/15", "mocha is my favorite");
addDateTips("Date", "2003/03/30", "here is a message for you");