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In the year 4020 earth's surface is one dense metropolis.  The closest things to a controling authority are the massive corporations. Thier employies live and work under strict control in the highly gaurded megaplexs that rise thousands of feet into the sky. These people live in safety and comfort as long as their corporation survives. The corporations cover the planet and rule like warlords. They work and sceme together and when the balance of power is off, take each other over. It is a constant effort to develop the latest technologys and most advanced weaponry. Competition usually consists of spys and deception, but all out wars are known to break out over the smallest disagreements.

Those that do not wish to live under the corporations rules, have broken them and gone into hiding, or simply do not possess a skill that can be used, must survive in the streets. Here survival is a constant struggle. There is no one to protect the weak and the only authorities are money and power.

- Tips -

Talk to people, you never know who has valuable information or something to offer. Try not to fight anyone strong untill your strong.You better get yourself a gun. Find a street doc or go to the crimemall to purchase healing products. Stamina is important becouse it controls how much life you revocer when you get karma. Agility descreases your chance of getting hit and helps escape. Your eyes help you hit your opponent. Brain cyberware helps you gain karma faster. Arms help you cause more damage. Reflexs help you aviod getting hit.

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