Dynamic Chernoff Face

This application is essentially a 100% Javascript/DHTML animated "virtual puppet" - a cartoon character that can be controlled client-side. It was originally intended as a dynamic Chernoff Face, which could use affective facial expression to communicate statistical information. This basic idea dates back to 1973. This application improves upon the original Chernoff Face idea by adding the temporal dimension.



A Chernoff Faces Tutorial

The history of Chernoff Faces

Freeware: a Chernoff Faces Java Applet

References to the Chernoff's original articles:

Chernoff, H. (1973). Using faces to represent points in k-dimensional space graphically. Journal of American Statistical Association, 68, 361-368.

Chernoff, H., & Rizvi, M. H. (1975). Effect on classification error or random permutations of features in representing multivariate data by faces. Journal of American Statistical Association, 70, 548-554.


Browser Requirements

The page runs under Netscape Navigator 4.05 and is best viewed using Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or later. 

The page isn't especially hefty, less than 50K of script & html and from 50-200 1K gifs depending upon the demo. However, it does make heavy use of JavaScript and animation image arrays.

NETSCAPE USERS: The demo was initially developed for Navigator 4.05 then ported to MS IE. However, it crashes later versions of Netscape, including 4.5 and 4.7, and is still somewhat buggy on Netscape 4.05. The fault lies with the browser. Cf. Navigator DHTML Bug workaround. Navigator 4.05 will often jumble the layout upon load if the page is loaded when the browser is not maximized (full screen), but then get it right on reload.   Everything works fine in Internet Explorer.