Here goes my excellent work !

PopCalendar eXtremely Perfect 3.20
(IE 5.x,6.x & Netscape 4.x,6.x)

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Other Input Boxes:

Designer: Liming Weng (Chinese)
Copyright Reserved, 2001

It is an emailware. If you love it, please mail and commend me!

1. This emailware is free only for private use, and must mail me first!
2. For commercial use, please contact me to pay a small amount of license fee.
3. The netscape part will only be available after payment. See an image demo in Netscape 4.77 HERE!
4. Hints & Tips
 Features List of PopCalendarXP:
+ Cross-broswer(IE5,6 & NN4,6) with highly customizable UI and functionality.
+ Easy to embed, NO Mess-up, NO Conflict with the other scripts in your page.
+ Parse, Remember and Highlight the Selected Date
+ Never be blocked by any other input boxes.(tricks needed in NN4)
+ Agenda with Colorful Highlights and even IMAGES!
+ Themes support with dynamic background available!
+ Diversified Context Sensible Actions - popups, auto-mail and any javascript statement.
+ One plug-in function let you define the holidays by yourself.
+ Show context info both in status-bar and tooltip(except NN4).
+ Date-range-confinement precises to day
+ One-Click Hide.
+ Disable any day with line-through effect
+ American & European Calendar Layout
+ American & European & Chinese Date Format
+ Literal & Digital Date Format
+ Long & Short Year Format
+ Super fast(only 10KB) due to optimized code.
+ Fully configurable calendar size, fonts, colors,agenda, layout and... too many
+ Detailed comments and easier to config with separated config files.
* Fully tested on IE 5.0,5.01,5.5,6.0beta and Netscape 4.08,4.75,4.77,6.0,6.01