This was only a taste of the dreaded "Infinite Windows" code. Of course, actually making it would be wrong [heh], but giving somebody the proper commands to make it isn't wrong.
When you clicked on "Run Script", and you loaded this page, if you were running IE [which you SHOULDN'T!] but I'm not one to preach. [GET NETSCAPE MORON!!!!]
But back to business. You should know what the Javascript code is to start it off, so I'll skip right to the "High Tech" Explanation.
The command "" is what does all the work. ("") is the address. THERE! That wasn't so hard was it?
As with the error messages, stacking these on top of one another creates more and more windows. Patching links to Porn sites is always a good way to get atleast 4 additional links. But I didn't tell you that...he he he