Professional No Right-Click and
2000 and Optional IE5 Side Menu for
IE, NS, Mosiac with Frames or No Frames.


Please download Script Number 27907 and make the following changes to the HTML.
You can access the script code quickly by entering the number 27907 into the
search engine box, located near the EarthWeb logo, under the "Search this Site"
text. Or you can enter OPSYS to get a listing of scripts that I have uploaded
in that same box.

A loophole was found in my HTML. I have forgotton about three-buttoned style
mouse. I'm so used to the two-button style mouse. The mouse click buttons
number assignments are different then to the two-button style mouse.

To add this patch, locate the javascript that includes the funtion called:

function click(e)

replace the text that says:

(event.button == 2)

with this text:

(event.button == 2 || event.button == 3)

Next, locate (in that same javascript), the text that says:

(e.which == 3)

and replace it with this text:

(e.which == 3 || e.which == 2)

Next located section 4 where it has the text:

$div class@"menuitems" url@""?Sorry, this funtion is not available$/div?

Add add another $/DIV? to the end of it (next to that other div). I omitted
that by accident when I was uploading that script. It should look like this:

$div class@"menuitems" url@""?Sorry, this funtion is not available$/div?$/DIV?

Roger Questions?"