by Edward Narkiewicz
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Popup Window Style

Anchored Style

General procedure: 4 easy steps

(1) Create events with:
CalMonth[4digityear][month 0-11].addevent(see_function_for_params)
(2) Make a variable to hold the desired month in HTML document:
-using offset (0=thismonth) (3=3 months from now) (-3= three months ago)
var month_name = grabmonth(offset)
-directly: january 2000 - months from 0(jan) -> 11(dec)
var month_name = grabmonth(2000,0)
(3) Call the display function in the HTML document
-style left out or set to 0 makes it a popup calender
-style set to 1 makes it an internally anchored calender
(4) Call function to write events for anchored style

CalMonth[][].addEvent() calls would be best served in a seperate "events.js" file. All the Calender script is best in a seperate "calender.js" file to add these files simply copy and paste this code into a txt file and save it as a .js extension. Then in your html document add the following lines in the portion of your document.
<script language="javascript" src="calender.js"></script>
<script language="javascript" src="events.js"></script>