JavaScript Dice Version 2


JavaScript Dice is the first JavaScript that I have written. Previous scripts I have used have been taken from script libraries and modified slightly for my own use. but this is the first I wrote from scratch I have tested it as much as I can but there could still be problems - let me know if you find any. The email address to use is .

This program is very simple to use, simply type in the number of dice you wish to roll, followed by the letter 'd' and finally the number of sides you wish the dice to have. Then click roll the dice. For example '1d6' will roll a single standard die, whilst '10d20' will roll ten dice, each with twenty sides.

Download JavaScriptDice for off-line use or view the latest version.

The Dice

#d# Roll Total: Clear


Version X

Future versions will implement cookies that will remember the dice setup when you return to the page and will have pre-setup dice for newbies

Version 2

This is the first publicly available version.
The only change since version one is the introduction of multiple occurences to the program

Version 1

Never uploaded since version 2 was ready before I had a chance to do so.
No changes from Beta


Available on the internet, the URL was given to a select few to test the program.
Fixed error that resulted in numbers between zero and one less the the number of sides to each dice


Not released