Ya' hungry? Tamas are on the menu!
Apparently in my quest for more Tamagrams, I have come down to this - eating the tamas. The word "Tamaphagea" simply means that you get to chow down on the tamas, as it would be a real word if tama were a valid prefix, but alas, it's not :p
To play, click the "Start Orgy" button then add as many tamas as you wish. Then put your mouse over the lines below textarea. When your little cursor guy is right on top of a tama, click to eat it (getting this down may take a little practice). However, if you click and your browser tries to take you some where, this means that you have a pathetic browser and need to download nutscrape 4 or msie 4 (but get nutscrape 4, as all of microsoft's products are sacrilegious, unsavory, and distasteful, but msie 4 will *technically* work for it, but I discourage its use altogether)

Live Tamas: Kilt Tamas: