This is one of the scripts which I lifted from this site, but with slight modification.

Countdown timers are common, and no big deal.  But many of them disregard the one and only time which it would be incorrect to say " x days till..." . That is when there is one day left. While it may seem trivial(it is actually), it certainly would form a good impression if grammar is adheard to.

Just change the date (in this case December 31,1999) to that of the next day and see the difference. However due to the rounding off function, it may require the date to be set 2 days in advance before it considers it 1 day to.

The date was set as 31st Dec 1999

today = new Date();
target = new Date("Dec 31, 1999");
target.setYear = today.getYear;
rdays = (target.getTime() - today.getTime()) / (1000*60*60*24);
rdays = Math.round(rdays);
if ((rdays == 1))
document.write("About ",rdays," day till the end of the millenium")
} else {
document.write("About ",rdays," days till the end of the millenium")
// -->

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