Guess What

by Sharp Hall

Hello. This little net game that I wipped up is for anyones web site, even yours. I'm going to give it to you for the lowest price you'll ever get for this.


That's it, free. Just view HTML, cut, and paste. I've made the background light to show transparent areas. I've got this program as a dos game too! If you want it, click here. Oh ya, before putting this on your site, you must agree to this stuff down below:

You can NOT modify any of the code used. Sharp Hall CAN NOT be held responsible for any harm to anyones computer. No part of this code may be used in any program other than any program Sharp Hall help's with. IF your site has a credits list, the following text must be in it:
Guess What game:
Sharp Hall
Place this code only on sites with G rated materal.

If you agree to the above, It's save to transfer this game to your web site.