User Time Javascript 1.0

I made this script because with 6 people, it's easy to get confused how much each person has used the computer. It will log everone's time used on the computer(asming they log in, log off, and they don't close the program or restart the computer).  I will soon have a script out that will have password protection for everyone's name so they don't cheat and use somebody else's name.  To get this ready, first, change everybody's name in the pull down menu and the value of the box to their name.  Then save the script into a .html file on your HD.  Last before using it, E-mail me ( and tell me your using it because it's my script and I want to know when people are using it.  This only goes up to around 1 hour.

Using of the script

This is pretty simple, exept if you log off a different hour than you started you need to click the second end time.

WARNING Don't modify this script without my permission If you want to modify it E-mail with the subject javascript modification

Current user:

Click here to start your time

Click here to end your time within the same hour of starting
Click here to end your time within a different hour of starting

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