User Name:



(You will need your account ID number & User name)


The password programme does not verify any of the inputed information.

You do not have to put your own ID and password in the script.
To setup a new account all you have to to is put the page below in a new directory (Call it index.htm so they wont get a 'dir' list).
Pass out as many Usernames and Passwords as you like, following the rules below.
ie for:
Username = Alex
Password = 12345
create an HTML page in the same directory as the login page, called Alex12345.html and thats it.
The only way to get to this page, is to know both Username and Password.
The script works by: location = (Username + password + html)

1) The Username must be Text (Case sensitive so Alex is not the same as ALex)
2) The Password must be a Number
3) Username and password are not allowed to be longer than 7 characters each (Username more than 3)
4) The length of username + password must be greater than 5 characters.

If username and password obey the format rules (eg AAAA11111), but no page exists (AAAA1111.htm) the user will
get your '404 not found' page, you may want to customise this, or alter the script so it makes a text hyperlink and use
"if (document.referrer != "whatever"){............}"
Have fun, any probs let me know. Alex :)

Script by Alex Keene