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Our original Capo-Encrypted Password Protection Script was incredibly popular (or maybe we just thought is was popular from all the suggestions and complaints we heard!). Well some of these suggestions really struck us, so we decided it was necessary to feature Capo-Encrypted Password Protection v2.0! There are two improvements over our original v1.0 script:
  1. Filename pwdss.htm encrypted - The filename "pwdss.htm" is now encrypted in the password entry page. So you can no longer just look at the code in the password entry page and then bypass entering the password.
  2. No bookmarking the restricted page - We have devised a scheme to prevent people from bookmarking the restricted page. If you successfully enter the password on Tuesday and bookmark the restricted page, by Wednesday or later the bookmark will not work anymore. Basically the URL has some date sensitive characters in it, and if the date is wrong, it sends you away to another page.
If you are not familiar with the original password script, here is the scheme that was carried over into version 2.0. The webmaster must encrypt the passwords ahead of time and then create two files: pwd.htm (the password entry page similar to this page) and pwdss.htm (the intervening page which provides a barrier between the restricted page and the password entry page).

Note: This script may not work offline for Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers because of a strange MSIE problem. MSIE will not allow offline search URL calls such as: search.htm?keyword=JavaScript. This script uses a similar call. So if you experience this problem, put it on the web and the problem should disappear.

Certainly a competent JavaScript programmer can fight his way through the confusing encryption code and figure out the passwords, but our Capo Webdesigns JavaScript programmer even get confused when trying to work through the code! Chances are slim that they will even try much less figure out our encryption scheme. So don't restrict access to the cure for cancer by this script, because it is not 100% secure, but it is pretty darn close. Enter the one of the specified passwords below to take you to the page for copying the script:

Password Access
to Our Restricted Pages
Your User Name:
Your Password:
You may use any of the usernames and passwords below to test the demo and get to the script and capo-encrypter for this page:
User Name:John
Password: 4$3gb%a
User Name: Mary
Password: hHhHhH
User Name: Humphrey
Password: humphrey