Classified Form Validation. I could not find a form validation script that suited my needs, so I concocted my own. I personally think it's quite robust and serves its purpose well. Here's the scheme I used tailored for my classified ad form:Non-validating scripts:

When you select the type of transaction, the Price field's default value is changed accordingly and the cursor is automatically placed in the Item field for you so you can just start typing.

You can try all this out for yourself by filling out the classified ad form below. To see the form in action, hop over to and click on the Market icon on the left bar, then select "Post." If you would like to find out how the scripts work, the simplest way is to dissect them and see how things tie together -- it's really quite simple. Of course a little experimenting doesn't hurt. If you are still a little confused, I will post an article on this subject in the "How To" section. Please let me know or nominate me if you find something useful here. Thanks!

Price: Firm OBO Cash or money order only

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