This script only works with IE

Okay to do this all you have to do is stick a little coding in the <FONT> tag. For this instance I will use a link to my new site coming soon, twati(The World And The Internet). IE users pass your mouse over the link below.

twati, coming soon!
ok lets see how to do this:
<A HREF=""> <FONT onmouseover="'replace1'" onmouseout="'replace2'"> </FONT> </A>
In the replace1 you put the color you want the link to turn when the mouse passes over the link. In the replace2 you put the color you want the link to turn when your mouse exits the link.

Hint: you usually want to make the replace1 the same as your alink and for the replace2 you usually want to make it the color of your link so this way it will still look normal and not all wacked out!

Netscape users... you should still use this code in your webpage even though you will see nothing, but all your IE vewers will still see this cool effect!
One more thing...

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The World And The Internet