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Kieran Hall Apr 19, 2001

"My Very first script. I made it the day after I started to LKearn JavaScript. 99.9% Impossible to gain the Source Code (containing password. This is because it has alert boxes that prevent getting the source code of the page. The K-PASSWORD FOR THIS TRIAL IS - kword - . The page afterwards won't load, but you get the idea.
Site Manager Note: The JavaScripts.com Web site does not endorse any security method that includes a readable text password within the source file. Above description is by the submitter"

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You might want to be careful using this script, because it is easy to hack. All you have to do it type in: view-source:http://www.javascriptsource.com/repository/javascripts/2001/04/40531/kpass.htm To see the source code. Good job otherwise though :)

Brandon May 7, 2013

Just need to right click fast enough. Not secure look elsewhere.

Nick Denton Jan 22, 2013