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Password Protection Scripts - Page 7

These scripts all deal with JavaScript password protection scripts. They are an elementary attempt to protect a site and should NOT be used to protect top secret information. They just keep the amateurs out. Pros can infiltrate such sites with these forms of protection. But, for free, they do a good job. They are sometimes very difficult to write - just look at the code. General questions about password protection scripts here should be posted to the The JavaScript Forum.

  • Text Encoder/Decoder
    Demetrius Jun 26, 1999

    Encrypts text, numbers, and special characters. Useful for password protection. Check it out.

  • Quick Password v2
    Nik Jun 10, 1999

    Pretty much the same as version 1, but i have added a no-right-click feature to offer greater protection.

  • Two-Word Password
    Kien Jun 9, 1999

    Two-word pin code used to direct user to secret file. First word: name of folder in same directory as password file. Second word: name of html file hidden in that folder. Create these folders/files to test. For example, password 'one two' brings you to file 'two.html' in folder 'one'.

  • A Very Hard to Crack Password Script
    The_Creator27 Jun 8, 1999

    This is a script that asks for a username and password. If you are having trouble editing it e-mail me and i'll tell you how. My address is

  • Delete Websites!!!
    Punkrocker May 31, 1999


  • Protect your html-code
    Daniel May 31, 1999

    Make sure that no-one can see your html-code with this little easy script(requires frames)

  • Password Protection Script by +nobody+
    Guillaume May 30, 1999

    A pretty cool javascript password protector that allows multiple usernames and passwords... If you want me to make you something similar (or change something for you) email me at

  • Gatekeeper
    David May 12, 1999

    asks for a password...if it's right you are granted access, if it's wrong you can't enter. I use it for my page

  • 3-Digit PIN Code
    Kien May 9, 1999

    "Keypad entry similar to my 6-digit password, but more complex. A 3-digit PIN leads user to URL of 'x/y/z.html'. Create several folders, each named from 0 to 9. In each are other similarly named folders. Repeat until you get 3 layers, last being html file. For example, secret page will be something like '5.html' in folder '6' which in turn is in folder '7'. PIN code of 765 leads to that page (ie, URL=""7/6/5.html"")."

  • A Simple Password Script
    J.T. Apr 9, 1999

    This script is easily modified for unlimited users. Its not very secure so don't use it on anything important. Pass=password User=username

  • Browser Killer
    martin Feb 20, 1999

    Kills browser. Get ready to hit ctrl-alt-delete!

  • Unlimited User Password Protection
    martin Feb 20, 1999

    Uses cookies to let you password-protect page for unlimited users.

  • Hide Scripts From Users Trying To Steal Them
    Anonymous Feb 16, 1999

    Stops people from stealing your other scripts. When they right-click to get source, msg pops up that says whatever you want it to! After Msg, users sent to different page or URL.

  • Better Than Foolproof Password Security
    Binkster Feb 13, 1999

    Allows registered users to access a page. Loads alert & queries before any information, other than the HEAD tag, can be captured. From the page. Virtually foolproof.

  • Password
    Anonymous Feb 13, 1999

    Username: http- Password: equiv

  • Encrypt your HTML part 2
    Mikhael Feb 11, 1999

    update to the cripto script. Now its ez and fast.

  • Advanced Preloader with Nonimage Stealer Security
    Dennis Feb 8, 1999

    An advanced Preloader. Works best in Explorer, needs some modification for NS. No right click works 100% in both NS and IE all versions (images copyrighted)!

  • Date of Last Update
    Arcasha Jan 15, 1999

    A script that automaticaly shows the date your page was last modified.

  • Password Protection
    Anonymous Jan 12, 1999

    This is a really good password protect, because the user will never ever be able to view the source of the JavaScript!

  • Password thing
    Anonymous Jan 11, 1999

    This script is good for thoes who have web pages that have forms that you have to fil out passwords! this script will check to see if the person has filled out the first and second password and then checks to see if they are the same!

  • The Ultimate Client-Side Password Script
    Adrian Jan 11, 1999

    Simply the best script Ive seen yet! And I made it with no lessons or anything! In 3 Trys! In 2 Hours!

  • No Right Click
    barts1000 Dec 22, 1998

    Dosen't let the user get a right click menu.

  • onBeforeUnLoad
    Gregor Dec 6, 1998

    demonstrate the 'onbeforeunLoad' event...

  • Master Lock II
    Anonymous Nov 19, 1998

    L=powerjet P=sexy

  • Password-Protect Your Page!
    Anonymous Nov 19, 1998

    Try it!!!