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Password Protection Scripts - Page 6

These scripts all deal with JavaScript password protection scripts. They are an elementary attempt to protect a site and should NOT be used to protect top secret information. They just keep the amateurs out. Pros can infiltrate such sites with these forms of protection. But, for free, they do a good job. They are sometimes very difficult to write - just look at the code. General questions about password protection scripts here should be posted to the The JavaScript Forum.

  • No Page Source via Keypress or Right Click
    Todd Oct 13, 1999

    This script doesn't allow the viewer to see the source by any way I know of. Better than any other I have seen yet!

  • Ultimate Source Protector - No Right Click
    Kipp Oct 9, 1999

    Protects your source code by disabling right click in Internet Explorer and Netscape.

  • PageSecure 2.2
    MiCaH_ElLeTt Oct 8, 1999

    USERNAME=john PASSWORD=access Case-sensitive, all new version of PageSecure. Customize page you go to, have multiple users!

  • IE 5.0 No Right Click
    Demetrius Sep 8, 1999

    Uses DHTML & javascript to disable the right mouse button in IE 5.0. Leave the comment blank and nothing happens. In addition find out how to bypass the other no Right Click Scripts.

  • 6 PIN Code v.1
    Kien Aug 27, 1999

    A simple 6-digit number pad password script. Click in the 6 digits and the script would lead you to the file so named. In this example, 007007.html, 123456.html and 090999.html. Enjoy! Still can't escape the 404 error if you enter the wrong numbers...Pity!

  • Want to know what does cookies are doing?
    Dennis Aug 25, 1999

    Just a fast little thing you can do on a page if you want to know if they have cookies and what they do.

  • Speed Page Guard
    Howard Aug 24, 1999

    Do you believe that open-source JavaScript can be secure? NO WAY!! Try this enciphered-source password protection where the source-code is unavailable for reading by human.

  • Password Holder
    Anonymous Aug 22, 1999

    Has multiple logins. Don't use on anything important! Users can look at source code and get usernames and passwords!

  • JavaScript Random Password Generator
    Kipp Aug 16, 1999

    Generates a random password. Password length and characters are definable. Email me if you use it <>

    lecitona, Aug 14, 1999

    My scripts are original! Please respect my rights. Visi my site at

  • Fullproof No View Source
    Dennis Aug 13, 1999

    Works in all browsers. Disabled View Source in navigation bar, etc. DO NOT MAIL ME ADD 22531988 TO YOUR ICQ LIST. I HAD 4000 mails already.

  • GateKeeper Elite V.5.0
    Anonymous Aug 8, 1999

    This password script uses special hidden files (still a Beta), but it can be used in various ways.

  • View Source Denied
    Anonymous Aug 7, 1999

    This code will not allow anyone to view source code on your homepage! It's an easy-to-use code!

  • NO RIGHT CLICK I by lecitona
    lecitona, Jul 30, 1999

    it protects your script from being viewed.Make sure u use frames . If this script helped u. pls. tell me at Sign my gbook. Pls. nominate me. Suggestions are accepted.thank you! pls. don't resubmit this script to and give it another name. pls respect my rights. My scripts are original.

  • TooMuch
    Anonymous Jul 29, 1999

    This script uses variable equations and doesn't uncover the password even if someone downloads the code (It's in real raw JavaScript). Multiple layers of equations ensure that it's almost impossible to find the numbers. Even the name of the site you want to access is part of the code (also zero(0) and null-cancel proof for tricksters). Even newbies can find & change equations to form passwords (1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 1816, 1 & name of site u want to visit)!

  • Encoder-Decoder v1.4
    MiCaH_ElLeTt Jul 25, 1999

    Excellent Encoder-Decoder. Will encode/decode any string (encoded by this program)!

  • JavaScript Password Generator
    Justin Jul 25, 1999

    A JavaScript program that will give you the code secure your page with passwords. Program by Twelve Interactive.

  • Ultimate Script Protection
    Demetrius Jul 24, 1999

    Check for yourself!

  • Pass Words
    Anonymous Jul 20, 1999

    Only by entering the correct password can you proceed. UserName Edit PassWord 5674

  • Simple password protect.
    NeW Jul 15, 1999

    This simple javascript protect your home page. if the password is correct, you continue the loading page. if it is wrong, an alert going to stop.

  • 6 PIN Code v.2
    Kien Jul 9, 1999

    Asterix added and keypad more attractive!

  • No Right Click for MSIE & Netscape
    The_Creator27 Jul 8, 1999

    This is a script that stops people right clicking in both MSIE and Netscape

  • Password Protect #1
    Anonymous Jul 8, 1999

    Best script ever made in the security category. Easiest to use, can have multiple users. Each can go to a different site. Customize the pop-up alerts!

  • Security Guard
    Anonymous Jul 8, 1999

    This simple program will protect your webpage unless experienced crackers will see the source...Anyway it is a good program!

  • Javascript Encoder & Decoder
    Demetrius Jun 26, 1999

    Conceals text, numbers, and special characters in a encryted form . Useful for passwords, licenses, or registration code. The great thing is it is all javascript.