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Password Protection Scripts - Page 5

These scripts all deal with JavaScript password protection scripts. They are an elementary attempt to protect a site and should NOT be used to protect top secret information. They just keep the amateurs out. Pros can infiltrate such sites with these forms of protection. But, for free, they do a good job. They are sometimes very difficult to write - just look at the code. General questions about password protection scripts here should be posted to the The JavaScript Forum.

  • ---==Banner Ad Remover==---
    Adam Feb 13, 2000

    "This is a script which closes those annoying pop-up banner ads. Instructions: Just replace ""test"" to what ever the window name is(check your page source after it is loaded) and set the timeout to what ever seconds you want: 1000=1second"

  • Professional No RC & LC-Hold-RC-Release & IE5 SideMenu (Crossbrowser, all OpSys)
    Roger Feb 6, 2000

    A PATCH/FIX FOR THIS SCRIPT WAS UPLOADED ON JUNE 06, SEE SCRIPT NUMBER 28050 (ENTER 28050 IN THE SEARCH ENGINE BOX)!!!!. Prevents a Non-IE5 user from accesing the source code, images, text, HTML by right clicking. For IE5 users, right clicking pops up a side menu (SideMenu is configurable). It also resolves the issue of users left clicking and holding the left mouse button while right clicking. The script is configurable and includes set up instructions. Works on ALL browsers with documents contaning frames or no frames. See source code for more information. ***Coming Soon*** Working on another script to add-on to this script. It's for No Keyboard Strokes (All Keys) and No CTRL-N, CTRL-U, CTRL-L, ALT-V. Nominate me please? Thanks! :-)

  • Hymn Password
    Anonymous Feb 1, 2000

    An Password that is nearly uncrackable, It goes to a page in the same diretory that matches name+password1+age+password2

  • Death to IE!
    Evan Jan 4, 2000

    This script traps you unless you know the password. The password is *Evan* ---CASE SENSITIVE---

  • Simple Fake Virus
    Anonymous Jan 2, 2000

    This is a simple Fake virus. It is fake but for beginners looks real.

    Levan Dec 31, 1999

    "Before page is loaded, special window appears, where you should type your name.If browser supports tag ""<marquee>"",you will see scrolling ""Hi + <your_name>, if not-----just text:""Hi + <your_name>. "

  • Quick Login v3
    Nik Dec 31, 1999

    A basic, and very easy to use password script, including a no right-click feature for increased security. I recommend this script to be used in a frameset for increased security. Please nominate. -Nik

  • Form Password Protector(fixed)
    Nick Dec 29, 1999

    "fixed form passwird pretector. NOT a window.prompt(""Password"","""")"

  • Password checking 2.0
    Augusto Dec 29, 1999

    This script doesn't let you jump to another url if you don't type the correct password, but lets you see the page.

  • Password Protection v1.0 (v2.0 now available)
    Arran Dec 28, 1999

    An easy, effective password protection script for your site. Easily configured for as many passwords as you like. You can not see the source code because if the password is incorrect, the user is re-directed to another page. (The password is either pass or password, what ever you like.)!!!!!HAVE A LOOK AT v2.0!!!!!

  • Password Protection v2.0 (v3.0 COMING SOON)
    Arran Dec 28, 1999

    An easy, effective password protection script for your site. Easily configured for as many passwords as you like. You can not see the password because the JavaScript is being stored in a different file (see the source code if you don't believe me). (The password is either pass or password, what ever you like. The password is case sensitive.) NOW WITH AN INPUT BOX ON THE PAGE AND NOT A JAVASCRIPT POPUP

  • Site Protector v2.0
    Mr. Dec 25, 1999

    The strongest Javascript encryption algorithm in existence!

  • Atridox encryption algorithm
    Curinir Dec 23, 1999

    This script enables the user to generate random passwords, and encode them into long integers based on seeded randomize, place in string, and a characters place in a charArray. And of course it can decode passwords. Nice for storing passwords in a database.

  • HTML Encrypt/Decrypt v1.0
    WEBster_Man Dec 20, 1999

    Listen to title.

    Jeremy Dec 20, 1999

    You know when you've got frames, and the pain it brings cause people can just surf into like your title bar and have no clue about your site? This fixes it!

  • FastPass
    Anonymous Dec 11, 1999

    This script is a good security script if you are not extremely paranoid.

  • FastPass
    Anonymous Dec 11, 1999

    This script is good for medium homepage security, and the only way to break it would to be able to see the inside of the server. This script is not for overly-paranoid people.

  • No Left Click On Mouse Button
    EB Dec 10, 1999

    If you want an annoying site where everytime you click on the left mouse button to go somewhere and it won't do it; this is the place to get it.

  • Password Protection
    Anonymous Dec 8, 1999

    Comes up with a Javascript prompt asks for a password (can handle unlimited number of passwords) If password right alerts users, goes to desired page. If wrong goes to another page (eg. wrong.html) Very Secure and easy setup.

  • An even more unbreakable password script
    J.T. Nov 18, 1999

    Still the same as my other unbreakable script but now more secure. It still has double encryption and a no right click. It now has something to keep people from saving the page, and tricking the script into puting the actual html into a text box. Email me at to have me edit it.

  • Age Verification
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    This is not very functional. It simply asks your age and lets you in. It may scare off younger viewers, though! by Reagh Stewart

  • No Right Click
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    This disallows the right click properties while viewer looks at your page (IE only)! by

  • No Right Click
    Anonymous Nov 9, 1999

    You can't right click! If you do, nothing happens. Try it!

  • Javascript Password Protection Versions 6 & 7!
    Jacob Oct 25, 1999

    I finally did it. I made my password protection script even better. Its got new features, its easier to use, and now its even more impossible to hack. Impossible you say? Try it. Anyone try it. I think you will find it harder than you think :) Enjoy. (I don't know the exact requirements, but I think this should work on almost any browser)

  • Hide your source in an very secure way!!!
    Arcasha Oct 16, 1999

    If you have something to hide (like cool JavaScript code), and your page is in a frame, you can put this code on your page. When someone tries to open your file just typing it's address and not typing the address of the page where its kept(the page that holds the FRAMESET script), the script redirects the user to the desired page