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Password Protection Scripts - Page 2

These scripts all deal with JavaScript password protection scripts. They are an elementary attempt to protect a site and should NOT be used to protect top secret information. They just keep the amateurs out. Pros can infiltrate such sites with these forms of protection. But, for free, they do a good job. They are sometimes very difficult to write - just look at the code. General questions about password protection scripts here should be posted to the The JavaScript Forum.

  • JS Password 1.0
    Kelly Johnson Mar 1, 2004

    JS Password is a security system based on encryption. The password is not included anywhere in the code and the code for security is given in a textarea for easy copying and pasting!

  • DCScript Login 1.0
    Sean M. Hall Nov 30, 2003

    This little puppy is a simple script with unlimited password options.

  • Alpha Crypt Version 2
    Joseph Myers Nov 13, 2003

    Alpha Crypt uses MD5 cryptographic signatures on top of an XOR text encryption algorithm to form a practically unbreakable hybrid.

  • Robs HTML Encrypter
    Robert Bolter Oct 23, 2003

    "Protect your source code! This simple script encrypts html or text to numbers. "

  • HOLneo Login 1.0
    Carnage Klown Sep 22, 2003

    "A powerful, short script using multiple hidden and non-hidden input fields. "

  • Multi User Password box
    Ben Robinson Aug 6, 2003

    A password box capable of multiple users with admin access and an easy way to add new users. Passwords are not in the HTML script so you can sleep easy at night.

  • Access v5.0
    Aaron Stinson Feb 17, 2003

    "This script has only a password box. You can have multiple users and have them redirected to a specific page. This version uses an iframe so you can place the form anywhere you want to on your page(s). It also uses a password encoder for added security."

  • .htaccess Login with URL Hex Encryption
    Jonathan Feaster Nov 22, 2002

    This is an embedded .htaccess login box script with URL Hex Encryption to hide the user's password in the address bar from prying eyes. Truly secure!

  • UNIX crypt(3) encryption
    Jeff Walden Oct 30, 2002

    .htpasswd files use crypt(3) to generate encryptions, and this script will do it for you without UNIX or an online script! Provided in .js format for your convenience.

  • Encrypt-a-Script
    Kelly Johnson Aug 24, 2002

    This script will keep your scripts safe. This file allows users to encrypt the source file for their site.

  • Email Address Hide
    Rod Murgatroyd Aug 3, 2002

    Hides your web site email address mailTo:

  • Morse Code Translator
    Dennis Schmidt Feb 15, 2002

    With this script you can translate a text to morse code.

  • Enhanced Login Javascript
    Matt Cruz Jan 4, 2002

    An enhancement of the Login Javascript by Neemzoid. Does not show the true location of the folder and/or file if it does not find it.

  • Login Javascript (Login Screen Update)
    Neemzoid Dec 31, 2001

    A simple easy to use login javascript.

  • XOR Encryption4
    Terry Yuen Oct 19, 2001

    This encryption method performs a bitwise XOR on each character of the data you wish to encrypt with a series of mathematically generated keys. This key is generated using a pseudo-random number generator using a hash of the password as the seed. The security of the encrypted data is dependent on the length and randomness of the key. Don't make this script the only form of security on your site as XOR encryption has its weaknesses.

  • password-generator
    mueller peter Oct 8, 2001


  • Credit Card Fraud Detection Script
    George Magann Sep 25, 2001

    This is a script and a form that will do reverse lookups for address and phone numbers, and will look up IP numbers and name lookup.

  • Login Screen
    Neemzoid Aug 21, 2001

    Another Password Protected Login.

  • Mail Crypt
    frogstomper d Aug 4, 2001

    Encrypts small files so you can send to your friends

  • Web Cipher (v1.0.1) - A Document Security Solution
    Joseph Myers May 29, 2001

    A fast, easy-to-use cryptographic utility for protecting Web documents.

  • Web Cipher
    Joseph Myers May 18, 2001

    Client-side cryptographically secure document encryption technology

  • Simple Script Security 0.82b
    Janne Tuukkanen Apr 21, 2001

    Little JavaScript crypto library with easy-to-use interface for non-programmers.

    Kieran Hall Apr 19, 2001

    "My Very first script. I made it the day after I started to LKearn JavaScript. 99.9% Impossible to gain the Source Code (containing password)
    Site Manager Note: The Web site does not endorse any security method that includes a readable text password within the source file. Above description is by the submitter"

  • Site name Password
    Chase Apr 17, 2001

    This is a password that is uses the name of the password protected site as the password.

  • Password 1.0
    Michael Swan Apr 14, 2001

    Has two password fields with a member and master login.It stores one password for each.It can link to your member webpage.It also has pop-up messages that you can put your own text into.