(Excerpts from Martin Webb's well-worded explanation)

This script is *NOT* fool-proof. People can disable JavaScript support in their browser, use a browser which doesn't support JavaScript, or use a browser to link directly to the image that you want to protect. Also the pages and images are normally stored in the user's browser cache (for viewing later whilst offline) - with a little bit of work, the thief could find your image in their cache. It also doesn't stop users accessing the source of your page from the toolbar menus (View | Page Source). You could attempt to load your page into a window without toolbars - but again this isn't fool-proof. They can access the page directly, with toolbars, instead of opening it without them as you intended. There is a tool for Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 that will encrypt JScript code - but this is only supported by Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 - and will not allow the scripts to run on any other browser.

Bearing this in mind, the following script should stop right clicks (and left button held down, followed by a right click) in both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. It will not stop users who use a Mac - where the mouse only has one button.

If this script doesn't do what you require (i.e. protect your images and or your scripts) then don't use it and don't put your images/scripts on the net. If your livelihood relies on people not copying your images - then add a water mark or "sample" stamp to your images.

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