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Page Detail Scripts - Page 5

These scripts all deal with Page Detail JavaScripts. There are several scripts that do make a site more pleasant to visit. You can write the time a visitor entered the page, how long they've been there, write when the page was last updated, whether it was updated since you last visited, and lots more! They are very difficult to write - just look at the code. General questions about page detail JavaScripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Date & Time Stamp
    Sep 9, 2000

    With this script, you can have the date and time the page was loaded 'stamped' to the page. This would make a wonderful header or footer for any web page.

  • Date Updated
    Sep 9, 2000

    On your site, you might want to just let visitors know the date that the script was updated, but not the time (maybe it's not important?) This simple script (about a dozen lines) you can do just that! Very neat!

  • Delayed GIF
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Normally, animated GIF images start as soon as they are loaded on the page. But, if your GIF only loops once, it displays before the rest page is completely visible. This JavaScript solution ensures that the page is fully loaded before the animated GIF begins. Great!

  • DOM Browser
    Sep 9, 2000

    The DOM Browser is a visual, interactive representation of the DOM (Document Object Model). It's helpful to beginners learning to interact with the DOM in JavaScript. It's also a great tool for side-by-side comparisons of Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other browsers and how they interpret the document and its elements.

  • Drag-n-Drop
    Randy Bennett Sep 9, 2000

    Simply click images on the web page, drag to move, and then drop images anywhere on the web page. A fun way to allow your visitors to interact with your site. And, it is a short script too!

  • Dynamic Sized Image
    Ed Churnside Sep 9, 2000

    Sometimes, your image does not look very good in different sized browser windows. This script will proportionally resize a graphic to fit within the current window or frame when a page is loaded, thus giving a more consistent and attractive look to your page.

  • Email Address Protector
    Sep 9, 2000

    Here's a clever way to prevent email address collecting "robots" from grabbing your email address while still making your address available to your visitors.

  • Email This Page
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Allow your visitors to email the current page to a friend. They just enter a friend's name and email address. It will send them a link to the current web page address in an email message signed by you, courtesy of Perfect!

  • Fake Counter
    Sep 9, 2000

    If you don't quite have the traffic you'd like to your site, you can use your own fake page counter! Funny! Just don't get too carried away when you set the multiplier.... :-)

  • Focus OnLoad
    Sep 9, 2000

    You can easily put the user's cursor inside a text box (calling giving the text box focus) as soon as the page is loaded. This helps ensure that visitors do not 'overlook' an important form item on your site. Only 1 line of code!

  • Highlighted Text
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Captures any text that has been highlighted with the cursor. In Internet Explorer, it even grabs text highlighted within a text box or textarea. Sweet!

  • Image Load
    Sep 9, 2000

    Notifies the user is an image on your site fails to load properly or if it is aborted when loading. Definitely an excellent example of the onAbort and onError image event handlers in use. Please note that in the script example we intentionally included a 'broken image' that fails to load properly to display the script in use.

  • Image Manipulator
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Displays an online image or local image from your computer under various width and height manipulations that you enter. Useful for determining the best size for an image on your site without all the work. Nice!

  • Image Sized Window
    Alan Chu Sep 9, 2000

    Sizes a new popup window to the exact dimensions of the image in that window. Sweet!

  • Last Modified 2
    Sep 9, 2000

    When you just can't stand to look at another 'Last Updated: Feb 02 1998 14:12:56:10' Script, give this script a try. It'll write to the page in the format, 'Last Updated February 2 1998' This looks much better!

  • Launch Date
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Displays one of two messages after comparing the current date on the user's computer to a date that you determine, such as a product or web site launch date. A 'before' or 'after' message can be customized with your own HTML code, including images. Short!

  • Link of Minute
    Joe Merical Sep 9, 2000

    JavaScript will create a link that will change depending on the minute of the hour! You can add as many entries as you want! It's great!

  • Load in Frames
    Sep 9, 2000

    When other sites link directly to a page of your frames site that should be viewed inside your frames, you can foil them with this script. It will reload that page inside your frames!

  • Logo Branding
    Randy Bennett Sep 9, 2000

    Have you seen the floating logo on Geocities sites? How would you like to have your own logo floating in the corner of your site? This script does just that! Awesome!

  • Menu Branding
    Randy Bennett Sep 9, 2000

    Keeps logo (or text) in the bottom right corner of the browser window as they scroll the page up and down. The logo glides very smoothly when the page is scrolled and looks great. When their cursor is on the logo, a menu appears in its place offering links to different sections of the site. The menu returns to the logo a few seconds after the move the cursor off the menu. Neat!

  • Mouse Orbit
    Kurt Grigg Sep 9, 2000

    A series of dots orbit the mouse cursor on the page, giving the appearance of a comet effect. Awesome!

  • Netscape Source Image
    Sep 9, 2000

    When visitors using Netscape right-click your web page and select "View Source" or go to the View menu bar and select "View -> Page Source" the entire source code of your page is displayed. Interestingly enough, it's possible to actually insert an image into Netscape's view source page instead of just having text. When Netscape users view the source of your page, they see an image as well as the source code! Your image could tell the visitor that they are not allowed to view this source code, for example. A very simple but very clever script, indeed.

  • New Links
    Sep 9, 2000

    Displaying links as new for a few weeks after adding them is great. But, adding, removing, and updating that "New" icon for each link is pointless! Let JavaScript do your work for you! Just add a small code (less than 40 characters) next to each link with the date you want it to expire, and it will automatically display the "New" icon until the expiration date. What a time-saver!

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