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Page Detail Scripts - Page 2

These scripts all deal with Page Detail JavaScripts. There are several scripts that do make a site more pleasant to visit. You can write the time a visitor entered the page, how long they've been there, write when the page was last updated, whether it was updated since you last visited, and lots more! They are very difficult to write - just look at the code. General questions about page detail JavaScripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Automatic Copyright Update
    Jim Stiles May 16, 2005

    Make sure your copyright notices are up-to-date. This script will automatically update your pages for you.

  • Reveal
    Premshree Pillai Mar 23, 2005

    This DHTML script gradually "reveals" the entire contents of a Web page.

  • Progess Bar Textarea
    Ron Jonk Sep 21, 2004

    A textarea script with a twist. This snippet adds a progress bar to the textarea to let you know how many characters you have left.

  • Bookmark Us Script
    Jun 29, 2004

    This handy bookmark-this-page script automatically grabs the page title and url, so you do not have to manually set variables for each page for these values.

  • Floating Email-This-Link
    Jun 7, 2004

    This script displays a floating layer that moves with the page, which contains an "email-this-link" script. The e-mail script automatically captures the URL of the page and opens up your e- mail with all the pertinent information.

  • Title Bar Clock Version 2
    Alex Jarvis May 28, 2003

    Display an updated clock in the title bar of your website with this neat script! Easy to install, just cut, paste, and change the title! Now works in most browsers.

  • Evaluation Radio Buttons
    Rick Johnson Mar 25, 2003

    Evaluation radio buttons can be a real pain. This script will return the values associated with a set of radio buttons.

  • Spreadsheet Cell Bock Parser
    John Thompson Jan 23, 2003

    This script will take a block of spreadsheet cells and convert them to a 2x2 table object.

  • Copy Selected Text
    Raul Macias Jan 10, 2003

    A handy little script allowing you to select text on a web page and then copy it into a text box.

  • Access Image URL to TextBox
    David Sosnowski Dec 19, 2002

    When an image is clicked, this script will show the image URL in a textbox. Useful for cases where you want others to be able to copy the image address easily for linking... such as for banners, logo graphics, etc. A single instance of the script can be attached to any number of images in the page.

  • Limit Characters and Lines
    Matt Temple Dec 14, 2002

    This script limits characters and lines within a textarea. You specify the characters per line, total lines and total characters. The script updates 2 counter fields (remaining characters and remaining lines). Implement an alert message in the function or use the counter fields for form validation.

  • Spambot Countermeasure
    John Solis Nov 30, 2002

    The e-mail address is stored on the server in a disassembled form which is later re-assembled by your browser using Javascript. Spambots merely perform simple text searches for valid e-mail addresses and they will not be able to harvest any e-mail addresses from your webpage. For example: "" is stored in one place, "joe8625" in another, and "@" in yet another. Then, there is a paragraph of programming code that tells your internet browser to assemble the three parts into a clickable link.

  • Division Control
    Rick Johnson Oct 24, 2002

    This script shows how to control the visibilty of divisions. Slight changes to the code can also allow control of division style. Works in MSIE, Netscape and Opera.

  • Term Search
    Gene Bernier Sep 18, 2002

    As you type in a term to search the first match is selected. Easy to add other selections.

  • remove_XS_whitespace
    Pat Cahill Aug 15, 2002

    This script strips excess spaces and non-printing characters from a field. Users sometimes enter " " in required fields to trick most validation that only checks for "" length fields. This script takes a string and removes the leading and trailing spaces and also any extra spaces in the string.

  • Random Taglines
    Jan 14, 2002

    Ever wondered how to make those cool random title messages? This script will do it for you! The title at the top of the page changes each time the page is loaded. Pretty neat!

  • Send This Page
    David Henry Dec 14, 2001

    This script opens an e-mail message and inserts the URL and title of the Web page into the body of the message. Additional text can be added to the e-mail message.

  • Scrollbar Colors ScriptWriter
    David Antonacci Nov 15, 2001

    IE 5.5+ allows you to change the colors of scroll bars in a textarea tag or the browser window. Select the colors you want for the respective scroll bar attributes and see how they will look. Then, switch the "Show Source" to "Yes", re-submit, and the code will appear in a new window. Pretty neat!

  • Dynamic Title
    Asif Nasir Oct 24, 2001

    This script causes the message in the title bar to change every 10 seconds. Pretty neat!

  • Auto-Resizable-Pop-Up
    Ferrari Andrea Sep 11, 2001

    Use this script to view full-size images from thumbnails. The full-size images can be different sizes. The pop-up window will change to the appropriate size.

  • Move Window 2
    Mohammed Qureshi Jul 17, 2001

    Move the browser window simply by using the arrow keys! Cool! IE only (Frames not supported)

  • Set Homepage Link
    Nikya Kuan Jul 9, 2001

    Allow the visitor to set your site as their homepage with a link. This script works best in Internet Explorer, but also displays the appropriate information based on browser type.

  • Load HTML
    Eddie Traversa Jun 19, 2001

    This script load an external html file into a css layer. It is NS6 compatible as well as supporting IE4+ and NS4.

  • Mouse Coordinates 2
    Carl Escalera Jun 18, 2001

    This script can display the mouse's X and Y coordinates in the status window.

  • DHTML Scroller.html
    Angus Turnbull Jun 14, 2001

    This script loads external files into a div in IE and NS and scrolls them via clipping. It has a fully draggable scrollbar that sizes automatically like Windows' scrollbars, and standard up/down/top/bottom support is included.