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Select Option Navigation Menu

Stephen Griffin Oct 3, 2007


This menu uses a select/option form component to create a drop-down navigation menu. When the user makes the selection, he will be taken directly to that URL. No additional input is required. Any number of menus can be added to a single Web page to create a fast and efficient navigation system.


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Hello,[br /][br /]I've used the small code you suggest (changeLocation). It works in several browsers, but fails in Internet Explorer 6.[br /]Do you know why and how to fix it at this point?[br /][br /]Thank you very much,[br /]Andrea

Andrea Loparic Jul 31, 2008

I like the script.

Nishesh Dubey Oct 14, 2007

Hi is this javascript accessible to screen readers?

ncj Oct 9, 2007