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Ilya Lyubinskiy Dec 3, 2007


This script can be used to create a dropdown search box for your Web site, just like we use on our forums. You can also create dropdown search forms, hint boxes, and menus. The search box will appear to the right when you click the link. It can be adjusted in many different ways.

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i want search bar .if i type any text in search bar that text should display in html.

SATHISH Nov 10, 2016

I put the code in my Web Page and the Search Bar is showing up, but the Search Engine isn't functioning right. The Search Engine isn't searching the items that I want it to search.

Jonathan Christian May 21, 2014

You need to keep the cursor focus on the search box.[br /][br /]It's only a script for the box. There is no built-in search capabilities. You will need to find a search script, such as [a href="http://www.perlfect.com/freescripts/search/"]Perlfect[/a]

Lee Underwood Jan 29, 2008

Whenever I begin typing in a search word the dialog box disappears. I am using Mozilla 2 and doing this on the JavaScript Internet site. Clicking on the dialog box then causes it to reappear, where corrections can be made. I think this would worry visitors.[br /]Question: Does it search the entire site?

Nomisacri Dec 7, 2007