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Ivan Petrenko Apr 26, 2005

"dhtmlxTree is a JavaScript Tree component that helps you to represent your hierachically organized data in the best way. With this component you can built complete dhtml tree within a few minutes. Just take your data from database or file, and dhtmlxTree will display it in the best way in Web-browser, providing comfortable and powerful functionality to navigate your data and to manage it! Light-weight , high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, good documented the tree is highly useful for representation of data in commercial applications or on your web site. Such features, as dynamical loading of items by opening of subnodes, gives possibility to satisfy client's requirements to display really huge amounts of data fetched from database. dhtmlxTree is a platform independent solution - our component is compatible with all main Web-browsers for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux or Unix. You can customize ""look and feel"" of the tree to suit best your needs - use font style & color and icons design to create your unique style. Dynamic data loading and suitable component API allows you to control it at runtime. dhtmlxTree has built-in checkboxes, drag-&-drop (within one tree, between trees), XML support, lots of options and powerful API. Features: - Multibrowser/Multiplatform support - Full controll with JavaScript API - Dynamic loading - XML support - drag-&-drop (within one tree, between trees) - checkboxes (two/three states) - customizable icons (with javascript or xml) - user data for nodes - Macromedia Cold Fusion support"

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