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Add to Favorites

JavaScriptSource Staff Aug 29, 2007


This small script will launch the browser Favorites window to bookmark the current page. Works in Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Bookmark our site!


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It might be your set-up. When i click on it using Firefox, the small bookmark box pops up and I can select from there.

Lee Nov 18, 2008

Its not really efficient with firefox, as it saves as a side window.[br /][br /]Is there any way around this occurrence?

tony montana Nov 17, 2008

See [a href=""]Shortcut Icons[/a]

Lee Underwood Jan 29, 2008

How do I send a favicon when someone clicks Add to Favorite on my site?

Robert L. Keith Dec 8, 2007

That's why it says it only works in FF and IE. Opera is a bit different.

Lee Oct 5, 2007