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Navigation Scripts - Page 8

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Dynamically Disable Links
    Martin Cotterill Jan 17, 2003

    This script explains how to disable HTML links dynamically. This example uses an in-line frame for the menu on each page.

  • Custom Frames
    Martijn Korse Jan 9, 2003

    This script will allow you to create an array of links through which you can skip with a previous and back button. These buttons are located in a frame and target another frame.

  • JumpSelect
    Ira Sterbakov Dec 23, 2002

    Short function to allow multiple drop down url forms.

  • ToolBar Menu
    Sharon Harber Dec 18, 2002

    This is a sharp looking navigation menu. Works in all browsers.

  • Caldara Keyword Script
    The Caldara Group Dec 14, 2002

    This script allows visitors to navigate your site using AOL-style keywords.

  • Quick Launch of Multiple Browser Windows
    Ed Kohler Nov 30, 2002

    This script allows you to open multiple browsers windows for your favorite websites with one click from your desktop.

  • Drop Down Link Menu
    Aaron Smith Nov 4, 2002

    I use this in all my sites, and my does it work. You can store an unlimited amount of links in a small amount of space with this baby. What's even more impressive is that it is so easy to edit!

  • Tigra Menu
    Denis Gritcyuk Nov 1, 2002

    Flexible JavaScript Menu

  • Folders v2
    Michel Staelens Oct 13, 2002

    "This script divides long html pages into sections displayed as folders. "

  • Cascading Select Lists
    Paul Berry Oct 7, 2002

    "This script provides functionality for multiple cascading select lists. "

  • Layered Drop Down Menu
    Daren Craddock Sep 20, 2002

    This script creates a drop-down-menu effect for navigating, using layers.

  • Divide long pages in sections/folders
    Michel Staelens Aug 24, 2002

    How to organize your page into sections displayed as folders

  • Search Engine Scrambler
    Kelly Johnson Aug 17, 2002

    Using a select box, this javascript enables users to be linked to ant site through a user click.

  • Link Changer
    Marius Danciu Jul 26, 2002

    Make a choice from the dropdown box and the link changes. You can place the link anywhere on the page.

  • Tigra Tree Menu
    Denis Gritcyuk Jul 24, 2002

    Free DHTML JavaScript Tree Menu for huge hierarchies.

  • StaticMenu
    Jordi Martinez Jul 16, 2002

    This is a great example of a static menu. It's very easy to configure.

  • Slide Down Menu
    Jul 11, 2002

    The slide down menu is composed of a number of menu headers. Upon clicking these headers, its menu items are revealed with a sliding DHTML effect. This script also works in a frameset.

  • Drag and Drop Menu
    Jun 27, 2002

    This is an example of a drag and drop menu. When you click on top of the menu you can drag it within the document.

  • Menu Builder
    Yehuda Shiran Jun 20, 2002

    A fabulous script donated to us from our freinds at It allows you to build different types of menus for your pages.

  • Menu Editor for MenuG3
    Xin Yang Jun 11, 2002

    An online menu editor for MenuG3, helps you to build the menu content step by step.

  • Style Editor for MenuG3
    Xin Yang Jun 11, 2002

    "An online menu style editor for MenuG3, features ""what you see is what you get""."

  • Tabular Navigator
    Patrick Lewis Jun 6, 2002

    This script will put a tabular navigation tool on your site. It has 5 tabs that are different colors. Clicking the tabs will bring that same colored palette to the top. Works in IE, Netscape 6, and Opera.

  • menu fader
    David Allen May 15, 2002

    This makes a small menu which fades in and out when you put your mouse over it

  • Super Edition Menu
    Younes Bouab May 14, 2002

    This a cross-browser, powerful, simple, and configurable Javascript hierarchy menu.

  • Ticker
    Premshree Pillai May 8, 2002

    An attractive news bar script. Messages are automatically rotated and displayed, with the ability to manually cycle back and forth through them. This script was created entirely using form buttons.