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Navigation Scripts - Page 7

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • User Controlled Menu
    Richard Hucko Jul 12, 2004

    A DHTML menu that allows the user to move it around, toggle visibility, and more. Great for listing news or step by step instructions.

  • Dynamic Fading Links
    Richard Hucko Jul 1, 2004

    A DynamicHTML Effect that fades background-color and text color of links as you move over them.

  • CMD Nav Menu Script
    Richard Hucko Jun 20, 2004

    A JavaScript/DHTML Menu that's hideable and looks and acts like the Window's Command Prompt.

  • Tigra Tree Menu
    Jun 2, 2004

    Tigra Tree Menu is a free JavaScript DHTML navigation system for web sites and web applications. Product looks and acts exactly as Microsoft Windows Tree Control.

  • Bottom Menu Scroller
    Richard Hucko May 6, 2004

    A JavaScript menu that positions itself at the bottom of the page when you scroll. It also includes controls that allows users to hide the nav bar.

  • Gliding Menu Rollovers
    Eddie Traversa May 1, 2004

    This script allows the user to apply a gliding rollover effect on their navigation systems. Highly popular amongst the flash community, now you can have a DHTML version too.

  • Jump Menu
    Vladimir Geshanov Apr 8, 2004

    This little code snippet is a great way to clear up a crowded navigation area. The simple drop-down menu will take you to the predefined URLs which you specify and it's very simple to add new links.

  • SoftDrawer JavaScript Tree
    Sergey Nosenko Nov 6, 2003

    Advanced JavaScript tree menu with cool sliding effect.

  • Charging Link
    Ben Joffe Oct 29, 2003

    When you hover over the link a loading bar increases, once the bar is full the link becomes active. Clicking prematurely causes a message box.

  • Connected Comboxes
    Mikayel Muradyan Oct 15, 2003

    This is a great example of connected dropdown boxes implementated with JavaScript pseudo classes.

  • Marcelo's Tree Menu
    Marcelo Franco Sep 18, 2003

    Take a look at this Navigation JavaScript. It's a very simple tree menu, with clean code and nice graphics. Very easy to setup.

  • Redirect to page based on the user IP address
    Haroon Anwar Aug 4, 2003

    "This code checks the user's IP and based on the user's IP link is redirected to a specified URL. The file extension must be .shtml."

  • Drop-Down Navigation
    joetheeskimo Jul 21, 2003

    Want to clean up your Navbar or replace it all together? Here's a drop-down menu for navigating through your site.

  • Select Menu ... Improved Form Select List
    Xin Yang Jun 27, 2003

    Tired of scrolling down that long list of selections? This script turns your form select list into a two-level select menu.

  • Easy Multi-Page Navigation
    Matt Durand Jun 23, 2003

    This script makes it easy to maintain links and their targets from one remote page, much like you would link to an external style sheet in CSS. Ideal for people with many pages who want to update all their links easily and uniformly.

  • Shimmering Links
    Phil Reeve Jun 3, 2003

    Spruce up your navigation links with this magical shimmering effect! Works in most any browser.

  • add link to site of origin
    Mischa van den Heuvel May 17, 2003

    This script shows the site of origin in case the page is opened via a direct link (i.e. via google)

  • CSS Menu
    Igor Bushin May 9, 2003

    This is an example of how to create a stylish and functional navigation menu bar without using any images(CSS only).

  • Link Of The Day
    Apr 25, 2003

    This little snippet changes the link daily. Simply add the URL's you want on the corresponding day.

  • Over-line Text Link
    Apr 10, 2003

    To get the attention of your surfers to some particular links, you may want to include some link animations. In this animation, the link over-lines itself back and forth.

  • The Editable Dropdown
    Subrata Chakrabarty Apr 5, 2003

    "This is a set of JavaScript functions for an ""Editable Dropdown Menu""."

  • Highlight Link Script
    Apr 1, 2003

    This script highlights the link by blinking the link when you roll over the mouse, just like the <blink> tag does to the text in Netscape. But, this one has an advantage: the blinking speed is customizable!

  • XML Data Traversal
    Premshree Pillai Feb 25, 2003

    This JavaScript reads data from an external XML file, traverses the data and displays the same in a tree form.

  • Dynamic JS Menu
    Pat Libby Jan 31, 2003

    How about cleaning up that navigation bar? This script is attractive and easy to customize!

  • One-click Multi-engine Search
    Pascal Junger Jan 31, 2003

    A multi-engine search box. Users put the search term in one box, select their engine and voila! No clicking search buttons or filling radio boxes, results open in same window.