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Navigation Scripts - Page 6

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Hot Link
    Steve S May 12, 2005

    This JavaScript displays a small, blinking arrow before the link that you have your mouse over.

  • Links Window
    Jim Stiles May 2, 2005

    Provide your visitors with a popup window, showing all of the links on the page. Makes navigation much easier.

  • dhtmlxTree
    Ivan Petrenko Apr 26, 2005

    dhtmlxTree is a JavaScript Tree component with XML support, dynamical loading, cross-browser/multiplatform compatibility and powerful client-side API. This component is highly useful for representation of structured data. It's free only for non-commercial use.

  • Window Check
    Vladimir Geshanov Apr 20, 2005

    Use this JavaScript snippet to check the status of a window.

  • Rollover Alternating Menus
    Apr 8, 2005

    This script displays a different set of sublinks when you mouseover each title link.

  • Popup Menu
    Mar 30, 2005

    This menu can be displayed anywhere on the page with a right-click of the mouse. The default contextmenu is disabled and replaced with a div.

  • Multi-Orientation Navigation Menu
    Rik Comery Mar 14, 2005

    This two-tier navigation menu can be used either vertically or horizontally simply by changing a single word in the configuration section.

  • Sliding Text Navigation Menu
    Stephen Griffin Feb 23, 2005

    This script uses DHTML to create a menu system which contains a large number of links in a relatively small space. Clicking on one of the links will open a sub-menu.

  • Top of Page
    Premshree Pillai Feb 14, 2005

    Use this JavaScript to add a "Top of Page" link at the bottom of your Web page. The link will only be displayed if the contents of the page exceeds the size of the browser window, i.e. if the scrollbars appear.

  • dhtmlxToolbar
    Ivan Petrenko Feb 6, 2005

    dhtmlxToolbar is a free JavaScript toolbar with high functionality, XML support, cross-browser compatibility, and a rich API. It's completely customizable; you can freely define the visual appearance of this DHTML toolbar by simply changing its parameters.

  • Make your scrollbars colorful
    La Minh Khanh Feb 5, 2005

    This flexible utility helps you to create a script that makes your scrollbars colorful. You can also change the scrollbars' color by moving cursor over them.

  • Page Redirect for Netscape
    Brandt Simon Jan 28, 2005

    Allows you to send viewers to a different page if they are using Netscape.

  • Centered Pop-Up Window
    Christian Watson Jan 28, 2005

    This script generates a popup window. The difference is that the formatting information for the new window is contained in the link. Therefore you can have multiple pop-up windows using the same script, each of which can be different depending on how you set the variables in the link.

  • Popup Checkbox Navigation Menu
    Sandeep Gangadharan Jan 21, 2005

    This script opens a small popup window containing a checkbox navigation menu. Great for saving space on your Web page!

  • Country Chooser
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "Here's a useful script for a form that needs to know the visitor's country. It saves giving a huge list of countries in one box. For the USA, it also asks the state. "

  • Many Search Engine
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This script supplies all the search engines you could ever want on one page. You can decide whether to open a new window, either normal size or small, or continue with the same window. Great! "

  • URL List Menu
    Vladimir Geshanov Jan 7, 2005

    This script takes the current page location, breaks it up by the forwarding slash and returns a list of all directories, including the domain name. Each item is a hot link to the current directory.

  • Click-To-Expand Menu
    David Harrison Dec 22, 2004

    An easy to use menu that mimics the menu in Windows Explorer.

  • Underlining Link
    Unknown Dec 10, 2004

    Today's little bit of code underlines your hyperlinks when you mouse over them.

  • Growing ToolTips
    Richard Hucko Nov 8, 2004

    "Move your cursor over the links and it displays a message that grows in text size and width. In IE 5+, ToolTip Follows cursor, in Gecko-Based Browsers (Netscape, Mozilla) ToolTip displays under links."

  • Dissolving Dynamic Menu
    Richard Hucko Nov 4, 2004

    Take a look at this DHTML menu effect created for Internet Explorer. This menu utilizes a dissolving, IE filter effect that will look great in your navbar.

  • Link Previewer
    Oct 29, 2004

    If you want to generate a preview image for a link, this script is for you. It will generate an image preview before the user clicks on that link. You can also generate description for the image.

  • Dynamic Side Nav Menu
    Richard Hucko Aug 5, 2004

    This is a navigation menu that hides itself on the side of your web page. Hover over the bar at the side and it is displayed, click on the bar and it is hidden.

  • Tab Nav
    Jacob Lukas Jul 21, 2004

    This script is a simple implementation of tabs. It allows the user to click on a tab and change the content without having to fetch any more data from the server.

  • Dynamic Press Menu
    Richard Hucko Jul 13, 2004

    With this menu a button stays in the upper left hand corner as you scroll, Click it and a menu appears. A nice JavaScript to add to your site.