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Navigation Scripts - Page 5

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Scroll of Buttons
    Steve S Dec 8, 2005

    Creates a list of buttons. If there are too many buttons in a list, they can be scrolled.

  • Avoid Problems with Case-Sensitive URLs on UNIX Servers
    Morten Nilsson Dec 7, 2005

    Create a 404 file that converts the URL into lowercase, using JavaScript. A guide for Webmasters.

  • Expandable Headers
    Steve S Nov 23, 2005

    The visitor with Internet Explorer 4.x sees only the headers, and need only click on the subject that interests him to expand that particular section.

  • Hot Link
    Steve S Nov 14, 2005

    This JavaScript displays a small arrow before the link over which you have your mouse.

  • Flying Links
    Steve S Oct 24, 2005

    These animated links are a good choice for title page. Just see the example.

  • Popup Links
    Lee Underwood Oct 21, 2005

    Use this script to call popups from a link. Can be used more than once on a page. (Just don't drive your visitors crazy with useless popups!)

  • Jump Menu 2
    Robin Jones Oct 10, 2005

    Use a drop-down option box to navigate to other Web pages. Short and sweet!

  • gilTab
    Marco Gil Oct 5, 2005

    Create tabs for navigation, definitions, and many other uses. Very effective!

  • Toggle Tab Menus
    DevZone Oct 2, 2005

    The menus can be toggled on and off, instantly creating a simple tabs interface. The content is displayed accordingly to the selected tab.

  • Build TOC
    Stephen Morley Sep 16, 2005

    This script will automatically build a table of contents based on the header tags found on the Web page. Includes an optional access key [Alt-t] to return to the ToC. IE only.

  • ChangeStyle
    Pascal Vyncke Sep 11, 2005

    This script makes it possible for the user to change the style of your Web site by. The user can choose the style and it is changed on your whole site!

  • Link Back
    Steve S Aug 22, 2005

    This script shows a button allowing the user to go back to the previous Web page.

  • Link List
    Steve S Aug 15, 2005

    Creates list of selected links in a separate window. See the example.

  • DropDown Menu
    Evgeny Novikov Aug 12, 2005

    The DropDown Menu is is a solution for dynamic Web site navigation, with a small size (4K) of code.

  • Links with a Twist
    Cat Arriola Aug 1, 2005

    Surprise your visitors as screen shots and text captions appear when they mouseover a list of ordinary looking links. This script creates the links from the information stored in an array, which also makes for quick editing.

  • Link Hint Scroller 1.0
    Premshree Pillai Jul 28, 2005

    When you move your mouse over a link, a hint or something about the link will appear below the link in a scrolling fashion. When you move your mouse out, the scrolling will stop.

  • Extensive Menu
    Steve S Jul 25, 2005

    "The most usefull this menu seems to be for projects with a large amount of all kind of information to represent, e.g newspapers. Enjoy! "

  • Layers menu
    Steve S Jul 25, 2005

    "Build menu baced on layers. The appropriate submenu displays depending on moving mouse on top of main menu. "

  • No Right Clicking
    Dimitris Karavasilis Jul 20, 2005

    Don't let users right-click on your page!!!

  • Surf v1.0
    k1nj0 Jul 20, 2005

    A neat little surf bar.

  • Popup Function
    Jeremy Keith Jul 20, 2005

    Use this JavaScript function to call as many popup windows on a page as you need. It uses the CSS class attribute. It also allows for browsers that have JavaScript turned-off.

  • Confirm Close
    Jul 6, 2005

    Use this script to confirm the closing of a window. It includes a cancel option. A valuable tool for those important popups.

  • Multi-Orientation Navigation Menu
    Rik Comery Jul 4, 2005

    This two-tier navigation menu can be used either vertically or horizontally simply by changing a single word in the configuration section.

  • Links Window 2
    Daniel Burnett Jun 27, 2005

    Provide your visitors with a popup window, listing all of the links on the page. When a link is clicked in the window, that page is loaded into the main window and the popup window is closed.

  • Opening Page Link
    May 23, 2005

    If your Web site uses an opening (splash) page, this script will make it easy for your visitors to enter the site. It turns the entire Web page into a clickable link.