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Navigation Scripts - Page 4

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Open Links Option
    Sandeep Gangadharan Sep 5, 2006

    This script will give the user the option to open links in either a new window or in the same window. Simple to set-up and completely unobtrusive.

  • Button Menu
    Igor Ivanov Aug 30, 2006

    Clicking the main button causes other menu buttons to appear.

  • MultiColMenu
    Jose Medeiros Aug 25, 2006

    This menu provides several layers of links. It can also be displayed vertically or horizontally. Very compact and clean, yet quite effective.

  • Breadcrumb Trails
    Aug 23, 2006

    The script creates the breadcrumb hierarchy based on the directory tree. Let your visitor's know where they are on your Web site.

  • Link Highlighter
    Igor Ivanov Aug 9, 2006

    This script changes the color of an active link when you place your mouse cursor on it.

  • Feeling Lucky
    Will Bontrager Aug 7, 2006

    Give your users a chance to be spontaneous! Clicking on the button will re-direct them to a link chosen at random. You can specify any number of links, and they can open in the same window or a new one. A cookie is used to track which links are visited. The cookie is erased when the browser is closed.

  • Animated MiniTabs
    Brian McAllister Jun 16, 2006

    A sleek animation effect using tabs for a slide navigation bar. Degrades very nicely when JavaScript is turned-off. (06/16/2006)

  • Offsite Links
    Jun 7, 2006

    Using this script, any links on a Web page to another domain will open in a new window. (We won't debate here the pros and cons of using this method.)

  • Move-Down Menu
    Alex Jeurissen May 18, 2006

    This is a beautiful dropdown menu.

  • Centered Popup
    Mike Weiner May 15, 2006

    Opens a new popup window centered on the screen. Parameters added for optional scroll bars, resizablility, menu bar, tool bar, address bar, status bar, and full screen display. The link will launch a new window if the user does not have JavaScript enabled.

  • Hidden Affiliate Link
    May 12, 2006

    Many times you don't want your users to know that they are clicking on an affiliate link. This script will keep the link from displaying in the browser's status bar.

  • Connected Dropdown Box
    Christian Heilmann May 3, 2006

    The first dropdown box selects the category; the second is a sub-category of the first. Compact and easy to use.

  • Cascading Menu
    ionel anton Apr 26, 2006

    This is a simple cascading menu. There is no level limit for submenus.

  • XP Menus
    Eric Simmons Apr 26, 2006

    These expanding side menus look and behave like those found in Windows XP. Great for saving space and categorizing your links.

  • Breadcrumb Links
    Nate Baldwin Mar 8, 2006

    Breadcrumbs show the path to the current page and allows the visitor to link to any of the pages along that path. This script will build those links automatically. Highly customizable.

  • Unobtrusive JavaScript Image Rollovers
    Christian Watson Mar 3, 2006

    Create image rollovers for your navigation without hardcoding any JavaScript into the HTML code on your Web pages. Easy to implement, even for beginners, and works across all browsers. Degrades nicely for visitors with JavaScript turned off.

  • Scroll Window
    Travis Beckham Mar 1, 2006

    Web sites with heavy content sometimes use anchor links to navigate down the page. The problem with this type of navigation is that the user can become confused. The navigation suddenly disappeared, and the user can be unsure if they were sent to a new page or if the page just scrolled down. This script addresses this problem by animating to the anchor link. Active and visited states are also used to let the user know what content has already been read.

  • Go to URL
    Steve S Feb 21, 2006

    A mini-browser. You can type a URL in the form and script will load the requested page. The script works in both Netscape 4.0+ and IE 4.0+, but best in IE.

  • Expanding Menu
    Travis Beckham Feb 17, 2006

    This is a simple expanding menu. The anchor tags that expand each menu are added by JavaScript, so the HTML code doesn't contain any event handlers or unnecessary HTML tags. The structure of the menu is defined with unordered and ordered lists elements.

  • Highlighting Link 2
    Igor Ivanov Feb 11, 2006

    This script colors your clickable links on rollover.

  • dhtmlxTabbar
    Ivan Petrenko Feb 8, 2006

    Cross-browser JavaScript Tab Bar with XML support, rich API and dynamical data loading via Ajax. The control supports tabs scrolling, multi-row tabs and customizable layouts (top, bottom, right and left). dhtmlxTabbar is available under GPL.

  • Sizable Popup Links
    Feb 7, 2006

    This script will call popups from a link. Each popup is sized individually. Can be used more than once on a page.

  • In-Page Search Option
    Ivan Iraola Jan 27, 2006

    Add a Google/Yahoo search option to your Web pages. Using radio buttons, you can search each engine individually or both at the same time.

  • Link Listing
    Lee Underwood Jan 20, 2006

    Display a list of the links on your Web page. Using CSS, you can select which ones to display. The list includes the URL and link title. Useful as a cross-reference listing. You will need to add the 'title' attribute and 'class="link"' to each link you want displayed.

  • Absolute Popup Box
    Jan 17, 2006

    This popup box is not an actual window. It pops right up on the page, partially hiding the page content. No need to worry about popup blockers. Good for bios, site maps, and other short items.